Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 Battlepass: Skins, sprays, price, more

Yoru Episode 2 Act 1 Valorant BattlepassRiot Games

The first Act of Valorant’s Episode 2 has officially begun, and along with it has arrived a brand new Battlepass. From the new skin lines to the total costs, we’ve got a rundown on everything you need to know.

Episode 2 in Valorant, like Episode 1, will be split into three individual “Acts,” each of which brings all-new content along with them. The big new arrival in Act 1 is the newest Duelist Agent Yoru, alongside another full Battlepass to grind your way through.

From January 12 to the beginning of March, you’ll be able to advance through another 50 tiers of unlocks. Skins, sprays, gun buddies, and player cards are just a few of the items on offer.

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Whether you’re playing casually for free or investing in the premium track, there seems to be something for everyone. Here’s a complete rundown of what’s in the Episode 2, Act 1 Battlepass.

Valorant Episode 2, Act 1 Battlepass price

Episode 2 Act 1 content ValorantRiot Games
Episode 2, Act 1 has brought a new Agent and plenty more to Valorant.

Exactly like every single Battlepass we’ve seen in Valorant so far, Riot Games is sticking with the same, 1,000 Valorant Point price tag to unlock the premium track. This will provide players with access to every single new item on offer, should they gather enough of the required experience to level it up.

However, there is still the free track this time around too where you’ll still be able to unlock a few sprays and skins for your efforts throughout the Act without paying a premium.

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If you do go for the premium version, keep in mind that you’ll also be earning a ton of Radianite through the Battle Pass as well.

Valorant Episode 2, Act 1 Battle Pass Rewards

Yoru Valorant Outpost Melee battlepassRiot Games
Yoru can be seen with the Outpost Melee skin in the Episode 2 Trailer.

There are three brand new skin lines called Aerosol, Outpost, and Infinity included with the Act 1 Battlepass, and all of the weapons that each skin will come on are listed below:


  • Bucky
  • Shorty
  • Operator
  • Odin


  • Ghost
  • Judge
  • Ares
  • Melee


  • Bulldog
  • Spectre
  • Guardian
  • Phantom
  • Classic (Tier 10 free Battlepass reward)

As well as new skins for your weapons, there’s also a ton of other goodies included. Player Cards, Gun Buddies, Sprays, Player Titles, and of course, Radianite Points aplenty, especially if you happen to make it to the final, Epilogue tier.

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With that in mind, we’d highly recommend getting it and starting as soon as you’re able since there are 50 tiers to grind through. If you’ve ever gotten a Battlepass before, there’s probably no worse feeling than realizing the end of the Act is coming right up, and you’re still only on the third page.

Below is a full look at every single tier in Valorant’s Episode 2, Act 1 Battlepass:

Valorant Battle Pass Page 1

These screenshots were taken on Jan. 12, and show that the pass will expire 48 days from then. That could make the end date for Act 1 March 1, or at least when the Battlepass will run out.

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As usual, if you’re looking to progress as quickly as possible, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our definitive guide on gaining experience in Valorant so that you can rush to the end ASAP.