Valorant players outline major changes needed to in-game social system

Valorant players have suggested major changes that Riot needs to implement to the current in-game social system. 

Since its release in June 2020, Valorant has undergone many major changes to make it the game it is today. However, one area of the game being its in-game social system hasn’t received a lot of love from the devs.

In many games – including Riot Games’ tactical 5v5 FPS shooter, the social systems are largely overlooked and rarely used. From a buggy chat system to missing features that are absolutely needed, Valorant players are suggesting changes to the game’s social system that would make significant improvements.

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Raze with explosions behind her and Valorant logo

In a Reddit thread from Valorant player ThestorSeleukos on December 24, the player pointed out one of the social system’s main flaws. More specifically, with issues with sending and receiving friend requests.

All Valorant accounts have a limit on the number of friends one can have, which also includes the number of pending friend requests. Once players reach the limit, no system messages indicate it, and all incoming friend requests are instantly ignored.

“I have a feeling that Valorant’s team cares little about their social system,” said ThestorSeleukos. “Riot has a cancellation function in LoL, why don’t they implement a similar one in Valorant?”

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Other players don’t agree that Riot’s views reflect their social system accurately: “I sincerely doubt they don’t care,” said just-for-rVAL. “I 100% agree that your complaints are broadly valid.”

Previously Riot has taken community feedback heavily into consideration. However, with the dev’s increased focus on Agent balancing in the new year, it could be some time before we see some major changes to the social systems.