Valorant player suggests awesome new Agent finishers as rewards

Andy Williams

Weapon finishers in Valorant were popularized by the Prime bundle, and now players want Agent-specific weapon finishers as part of their character contracts.

Agent contracts provide players a means of unlocking new characters, while also offering a plethora of goodies as a reward for grinding in Unrated, Spike Rush or Competitive.

At the backend of Agent contracts, players can unlock a Sidearms cosmetic which is designed to match the theme of the character in question.

Although, as it stands, there are no weapon finishers available for these Sidearms — akin to the finisher available for Prime skins when you upgrade your weapon with Radianite Points.

Finishers provide a visual effect that is specific to the theme of the weapon’s skin, which is only triggered at the end of a round (so it doesn’t obstruct subsequent any further actions).

Given the absence of Agent-specific finishers, one Reddit user suggested a flurry character-themed finishers that could be equipped to the Agent contract Sidearms.

For Omen, for example, your enemy would be consumed by ‘The Void’ once killed with Omen’s Ghost. Whereas Phoenix’s foes would be burnt to ash after being dispatched with his trademark Frenzy with a flame decal.

Omen's Ghost skin in Valorant.
The Ghost skin unlocked at the end of Omen’s Agent contract perfectly fits his character theme.

The Redditor suggested a unique finisher for each of the eleven Agents that are currently in the game — with Episode 1 debutant, Reyna, even getting her own soul-clenching suggestion.

  • Sage: Enemy turns to crystal and shatters.
  • Raze: Paint explosion.
  • Sova: Lightning owl strike.
  • Phoenix: Enemy burnt to ash.
  • Cypher: Digitized effect.
  • Omen: Consumed by The Void.
  • Brimstone: Mini Orbital Strike.
  • Viper: Dissolved in acid.
  • Breach: Rock fissure.
  • Reyna: Enemy’s soul leaves body.
  • Jett: Tornado effect.

On the surface, the visual effects would be a simple enough feature to incorporate to the Agent-specific weapon skins and could even be added retroactively for those who have already completed a contract.

The list certainly provides some food for thought, and there is potential that something of this nature is already in the pipeline. Especially considering that it is likely that Riot will be expanding the Agent contracts to open up more tiers of unlockable content at some point in the game’s lifespan.