Valorant players suggest perfect way to kill time when waiting for matches

Andy Williams

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Valorant players want to be able to use ‘The Range’ while queuing for Competitive games, which would make some of the lengthy queues more bearable.

Grinding your way to the top of Valorant’s Competitive ranks is no easy feat. Given just how intense and cut-throat matches can be, staying on top of your game is essential.

Although, the closer you get to Radiant, the further you find yourself creeping into that 0.1% of the population — and with a smaller pool of players to choose from comes longer queue times.

At the very peak of Mount Valorant’s summit (Radiant rank), it’s not uncommon for players to sit queuing for way over an hour… Leaving them going into their match cold and unprepared.

Valorant players queuing for a Competitive match.
G2 Mixwell queued for over two hours to find a Competitive match.

Queuing while using The Range

Of course, the reason for this is twofold: there are less players to choose from at the highest ranks, and most players queue in a five-stack, which makes it that much harder for Valorant to generate an equally matched lobby.

To mitigate this, the Valorant community has come up with a simple solution: enable The Range while queuing.

Giving players access to The Range during a queue will allow time to work on aim and practice movement, preventing the obvious boredom that comes with lengthy queues.

Indeed this is a bugbear for streamers who are towards the higher end of Valorant’s ranked spectrum. G2 Esports’ captain, Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas, has also been vocal in his demands for the feature — showing that the general consensus points towards a need for the feature to be embedded in Competitive queues.

For someone like Mixwell, lengthy queues can present quite a problem while streaming, given the obvious strains that come with keeping an audience entertained without any gameplay.

Of course, Riot Games have made their stance clear in terms of wanting to improve Valorant and listen to community feedback as time goes on… So who knows, perhaps shooting Future Earth’s dummies while queueing is a feature that could be coming in the not too distant future.