Riot Games dev confirms changes coming to Valorant’s top rank

Andy Williams

[jwplayer R6XrUVD2]

Riot Games are working on a way of recognizing Valorant’s cream of the crop, as more players push towards the highly coveted Radiant rank in Competitive.

After the introduction of a fully-fledged Competitive mode in Patch 1.02, Valorant players have been grinding their way towards the top rank.

Radiant rank is a way of recognizing the very best in your Valorant region. While only a select few have managed to achieve Radiant status, some are beginning to raise concerns that the rank itself is flawed.

As it stands, there is no way to filter between different skill levels within Radiant (which will be comprised of both recreational and professional players alike). Essentially, this issues a distinct skill-gap within the very highest rank.

Valorant's Competitive ranks.
After hitting Radiant, players have essentially hit their ‘Valorant ceiling.’

One player who shared these concerns was G2 Esports’ captain, Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas. The Spaniard raised his concerns about a number of missing features in a Tweet, one of which was to include an “Elo system in Radiant like in League of Legends.”

Valorant’s Game Director, Joe Ziegler, responded to Mixwell’s request to implement an Elo system — a formula which calculates the relative skill level of players, to ensure games are evenly matched (even at the highest rank).

“We’re working on plans for something like this but don’t have an ETA. Definitely interested in giving players a chance to see who’s the best of the best.”

Given the disparity of skill within Radiant, it comes as no surprise that Riot are already looking into introducing a system that filters skill level within the highest rank.

While Ziegler didn’t specifically give an indication of how long we’ll have to wait before such a feature is added, Valorant’s cream of the crop will take comfort in knowing that it’s on the developer’s radar at the very least.

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