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Valorant player reveals secret behind record-setting 73-kill victory

Published: 25/May/2020 6:58

by Brad Norton


73 eliminations in a single game of Valorant might sound absolutely ludicrous, but there’s a surprising trick behind the madness.

Riot’s FPS is just a week away from its full release on June 2, but players are continuing to raise the bar in the final few days of the beta. While competitive players search for that next rank, others have been chasing kill-records.

A staggering 73 kills were tallied throughout a May 23 game. No cheats and no broken exploits. Just some extraordinary matchmaking and a little skill. The Breach responsible for the chaos outlined exactly how it all happened.

Riot Games
Breach was the Agent utilized in this high-kill game.

Upon first loading into Valorant and finding their bearings, ‘lunariwnl’ explained how they weren’t “very good” and that high-kill games were not the focus. After all, they were “still learning.”


“After 20 [unrated] matches and five placement matches,” they were dropped into Iron 1, the lowest rank in the game.

However, days of dedication followed and they soon climbed all the way to Gold 1. It’s here where the secret comes into play as they hopped back over to the unrated playlist.


73 Kill Game – Explanation at 2:35 🙂 Highest Kill Record? from VALORANT


“As my ranked [rating] increased, my previous [Match Making Ratio (MMR)] stayed the same. So even though I got better at the game, my matchmaking MMR stayed the same.”

Despite the improvements throughout Valorant’s competitive mode, the unrated matchmaking system didn’t quite take the new rank into consideration. “I ended up playing against people that were not of equal skill-level,” they said.


“I’m not shroud, I’m not good at the game. I basically got placed into a smurf game.” While they were quick to downplay the accomplishment, 73 kills is still an extraordinary number, regardless of the competition. Through all 25 rounds, they had to average a near 3-kill pace.

Riot Games
Without picking up a single orb, this player could have racked up at least 10 Breach Ultimates.

A number of Aces and dozens of unexpected flanks led to the unrated record. Though with such an extreme performance, it’s likely that every lobby moving forward would feature tougher competition.

With only a few days remaining in the closed beta, it’ll be fascinating to see if anyone tops this record.