Valorant player goes viral for adorable ranked celebration with mom

Terry Oh
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While on the ranked climb, a Valorant Twitch streamer burst into tears after receiving touching words of support from their mom, giving her the motivation to clinch the win and begin celebrations with her family.

When Twitch Streamer ‘itsmerku‘ climbed to Platinum, the community came together to not only celebrate the ranked achievement, but also celebrate the streamer’s relationship with their mom.

Itsmerku has seemingly successfully bridged the generational gap though, given how her mother reacted to the level up.

The conversation between child and mom begins when Merku asks her mom if “we can have a ‘joke’ celebration for me,” referring to when the Valorant player hits Platinum.

Their mom responds, “But why must it be a joke? It can be ‘real’ if you actually consider it an accomplishment […] What makes you happy is good.”

Their mom assures the streamer again, “just tell me what you want to eat. I’m not trying to make you cry, but I just want to validate what’s important to you as I know everyone’s interests are different.”

Many Asian gamers grew up with their parents looking down their beloved hobbies, labeling games as a waste of time and a bad influence. In fact, any pass time which wasn’t musical, educational, or extracurricular was almost always flamed.

“This isn’t the same mom who sh*t on my interests and ripped up my books when she knew how much I loved reading,” itsmerku begins to heal their past traumas. “These are happy tears. I feel a piece of my soul healing.”

itsmerku calls their mom on stream after hitting Platinum, beginning by asking, “Guess what?”


“You beat it!?”

“I did it!”

The two celebrated together — despite not clearly understanding what it means to achieve Platinum or what Merku is exactly doing, her mom is happy to see their child flourishing.

Thought they don’t perfectly understand each other, the mom’s attempts to understand the cultural connotations surrounding Merku’s achievements are adorable.

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