Valorant players praise devs for fast action against abusive chat messages

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Vaorant fans have praised Riot for fast action against abusive in-game chat messages from other players.

Whether it be trolling by throwing games, or abuse being hurdled to players through voice or text chat, like many games, Valorant has its fair share of griefers and toxic players.

Thankfully, Riot has done a solid job over the years in punishing players where necessary — which certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the community.

Valorant fans praise devs for fast response to toxic players

In a November 20 Reddit thread, one Valorant kicked off a discussion after noting how surprisingly fast Riot deals with toxic players.

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“People are being more and more abhorrent with their language ruining the experience and we are muting and reporting and moving on,” they said.

With that noted, the player further explained that they’ve noticed how fast Riot is at responding to reports. “I have noticed that they are being quite fast at responding to the text chat and voice chat abuse reports and penalizing the players.”

The player added: “[To be honest], very satisfied here with Riot taking action on those players fast.”

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Others in the replies agreed, praising Riot for how “incredibly fast” they are at responding to reports and different queries through their support.

“Not only that! They are incredibly fast at answering tickets related to reporting other players or discussing own penalties!” said one. “I must say, they do a very good job.”

“Same with Valorant support. They’re all pretty good at their jobs,” another added.

Furthermore, some also praised the devs for acting quickly on banning cheaters too. “I reported a suspected cheater yesterday, and 15 minutes later, BAM! BANNED,” one explained.

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It’s fair to say Riot does a stellar job at keeping the game safe and friendly for all players.

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