Twitch streamer celebrates with mom after going from five viewers to thousands

twitch streamer momTwitch: Frankiep423

A dedicated Twitch streamer who had been broadcasting for eight months to just a handful of viewers suddenly found himself with thousands of watchers- and he brought his mom onstream to celebrate the occasion.

Twitch Streamer Frankiep423 started streaming almost a year ago, but had struggled to break into the competitive scene, with most streams reaching around 50 total views. Nevertheless, he kept at it, streaming a combination of Overwatch and Atomic Heart.

His big break came after he went viral in a TikTok video which brought new viewers to his stream, allowing him to break 100 viewers for the first time ever.

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Twitch streamer brings mom on to celebrate going viral

Frankiep423 watched his viewer count tick up in real-time, then brought his mom onto the stream to say hello to the new watchers.

“Forty viewers? Wait, are we at forty? Don’t lie. They finally put faith in the kid. This is my wonderful mother.”

However, the introduction was cut short when Frankie came under fire in an Overwatch 2 match.

The clip quickly went viral on Twitter, with more and more people being encouraged to help the fledgling Twitch streamer out.

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By the end of his latest stream, Frankie had a view count of 1.5k. For comparison, his last stream had less than 60 viewers, so that’s quite an improvement.

Several watchers said that the clip was extremely wholesome and lighthearted, and the kind of content that Twitch needed more of.

One commenter said: “This is AWESOME!!! Need more uplifting posts like this going around.”

Another replied: “Pretty awesome everyone is asking for him to run ads. W community and amazing people.”

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