Valorant patch 2.10 canceled: Why Riot Games are skipping May update

Valorant gameplayRiot Games

Riot Games has announced that Valorant’s 2.10 update has been scrapped. No new patch will arrive until the 2.11 update lands in June, marking one of the biggest gaps to date. Here’s why.

Ever since Valorant launched in June 2020, Riot has been fairly consistent with new updates. We know to expect big content drops with each new Episode, and slightly smaller releases with each new Act. Between these sizeable updates, we’re also treated to regular patches.

From balance adjustments to critical bug fixes and even matchmaking overhauls, these patches allow Riot to tweak things on the fly. If a new Agent gets out of hand or a weapon becomes too powerful, the devs can react in each numbered patch.

While the 2.09 update came with key Viper nerfs and introduced Replication, it’s the last set of changes we’ll see for quite some time. The 2.10 patch has been canceled, as Riot confirmed in a May 17 announcement.

Valorant Replication gameplayRiot Games
Valorant’s latest update introduced Replication, though the next patch is further off than ever before.

In an unprecedented move for their tactical shooter, Riot elected to outright scrap an entire patch. Any planned changes or fixes on the way have now been postponed as a result. Exactly why Valorant’s next update was called off boils down to bigger issues under the hood.

“Periodically, we have to update the engine for our game,” Riot explained. “Due to the nature of these updates, we want to give ourselves plenty of testing time and a stabilization period before shipping it to you.”

So with the engine is being tweaked, all sorts of unexpected issues could take hold. In order to avoid chaos in the public eye, Riot opted to hold off and make sure everything is working before setting a new update live.

Therefore, “there will be no patch 2.10,” they confirmed. Instead, players have to wait until Patch 2.11 comes through “around June 8.”

There’s no telling what the devs had planned for 2.10 but any major changes will now be rolled into 2.11. When these changes arrive, it’ll mark the biggest gap in Valorant updates thus far.

Four weeks will have passed between 2.09 and 2.11. Be sure to keep your eyes on @ValorantUpdates for any news on Riot’s next big patch.