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When is Valorant Episode 3? Leaks, release date, more

Published: 27/Apr/2021 8:23 Updated: 27/Apr/2021 4:33

by Andrew Amos


Valorant Episode 3 is fast approaching. As Episode 2 winds down, the next launch is set to be a big one, featuring a new Agent and game-changing updates, much like the previous transition.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 is set to cap off a good run of Valorant content. The game’s sixth map, Breeze, is finally on its way after plenty of player demands. A new battle pass and the Forsaken skin line in the shop are regular additions too.

However, the lack of a new Agent has players already licking their lips for Valorant Episode 3. The twice-yearly updates are typically the biggest Riot has to offer, so expect a ton of new content just around the corner. Here’s what we know so far.


Yoru in Valorant grimacing
Riot Games
Valorant Episode 2 is coming to a close.

Valorant Episode 3 leaks: new Agent, more

It’s a bit too far out for Riot to be sharing a lot of details regarding Valorant Episode 3, but we do know some things.

First off the bat, a new Agent will be coming. After Riot skipped over the Agent release for Episode 2 Act 3, players will be hungry for a new character to master. Information about their abilities and origins aren’t out there yet though

Players hoping for another map are probably going to have to temper their expectations for a few months though.

With Riot dropping Breeze in Episode 2 Act 3, it’ll be a few months yet until they release their next battleground. Keep your eyes peeled later in 2021.


Despite this, you can expect the usual fanfare like battle passes, exclusive skins, and even a new cinematic like Riot did to mark the launch of Episode 2. These launches are always big, so get hyped.

Valorant Episode 3 release date

We don’t have a solid date locked in yet, but we have a very strong indication of when Valorant Episode 3 will launch.

It’s expected to come on June 22, 2021, after Riot revealed the end date of the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 battle pass as June 21.

We will keep you updated as more info comes to light. For now, dig into the Episode 2 Act 3 content ⁠— there’s plenty to enjoy!