Valorant officially teases next new agent after Prime Gaming leak

Bill Cooney
Riot Games

After Prime Gaming accidentally leaked images of the next new upcoming agent, Valorant decided to give fans an official preview.

Valorant fans noticed a face they’d never seen before when checking the game’s newly updated Prime Gaming page on December 31.

It didn’t take long at all for speculation to start flying about, with fans convinced that this was the game’s next upcoming agent. The image, although cropped, was definitely official Riot artwork, shared just a bit earlier than intended.

Prime Gaming leaks new Valorant agent

Prime Gaming/Riot Games
This image of the next Valorant agent appeared on the Prime Gaming page on December 31.

The image above was only up for a few minutes on the Prime Gaming loot page, but that was more than long enough for players to snag a screenshot.

While we don’t know her name, the pigtail rocking agent could very well be another movement-based character. Not only is she shown zooming past other characters in this image, an official teaser from Riot also implies she will be speedy.

Shortly after the pic was replaced on the Prime Gaming page, Riot decided to give players a full, uncropped version of the image. Along with this, they also implied this new agent will be fully revealed the week of January 3, 2022.

“Looks like some of you might be faster than our next Agent. Here’s an uncropped version to share,” the official Valorant account tweeted. “See ya next week!”

Getting a full-on teaser image from devs was definitely a surprise, but a welcome one for players who have been wondering who the next agent could be. The best part? This full teaser was put out less than an hour from when the leak was first posted. Now there’s some community engagement for you.

While this new agent definitely seems to be a speedster, whether or not she’ll end up being another Duelist, or something else, remains to be seen. At least we’ll only have to wait a week to find out.