Valorant pros unhappy with “unreasonable” changes to VCT for 2022 circuit

Shay Robson
Valorant Champions Tour 2022
Riot Games

Valorant pros have voiced their complaints about the changes that Riot has implemented to the VCT 2022 circuit, calling them “unreasonable.”

After a successful first year of the Valorant Champions Tour, the second year is looking to improve upon the successes of 2021.

However, the slew of changes that Riot has implemented for the second year of the competitive circuit has received mixed feedback, particularly from pros.

While some have argued the changes have been for the better – for example like the addition of open qualifiers for anyone to enter – some have led to the possibility that pros could be left out of official Riot events for the majority of the year.

VCT 2022 schedule
Riot Games
The 2022 VCT schedule looks quite different from last year.

Envy player Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker tweeted his concerns about the next year of VCT on December 30. The pro specifically highlighted that if you lose one of the open qualifiers you’re out of official Riot tournaments for months.

“Isn’t it kinda messed up that for the upcoming VCT if you lose one open qualifier you’re out for the next 5-6 months in terms of Riot events,” yaya said, also noting that a lot of balance changes are on the way: “Especially since there’s about to be a ton of changes. Balances and Chamber, Yoru reworks and a new agent.”

Other Valorant pros weighed in with their thoughts on the 2022 changes. “Seems like we just went backward in progression for competition development,” said Built By Gamers IGL Jake ‘POACH’ Brumleve. “One qualifier to prove yourself for the entire year of VCT is unreasonable.”

Ghost Gaming Head Coach kaplan voiced concerns that players will be experiencing a brand new meta in the open qualifier: “It puts way too much in the hands of a single open qualifier, especially when the meta will be brand new.”

The official schedule for the 2022 Valorant Champions Tour qualifier is yet to be revealed. Many rosters are also yet to be confirmed, with moves and rumors still swirling as the new year begins.