Valorant leaks reveal new Control-style game mode coming in the future

. 5 months ago
Phoenix and Viper walking in Valorant
Riot Games

Valorant could be getting yet another new game mode soon ⁠— data miners have uncovered the early workings of a Control-style game mode in the game’s files. However, don’t get too excited about it coming soon.

Riot has kept Valorant relatively fresh with a bevy of permanent and seasonal game modes tacked onto just the base defusal mode. FFA Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and even Snowball Fight have added a unique spin onto the game’s gunplay.

The developers don’t seem content with stopping there though. Early details of a new Control-style game mode coming in the future have been uncovered by data miners.

A quote from ‘ValorLeaks’ explained how the game mode will work: “Teams will compete by capturing points, both teams will race for the highest score.”

This data mine was backed up by ‘floxayyy’, who claimed the “devs are testing a mode which appears to be some sort of CTF [Capture The Flag] with three maps.”

Control is a game mode that has been historically popular in arena shooters like Call of Duty and Halo. Teams work together to maintain control of certain parts of the map, earning points while doing so. It’s still beloved to this day, with Apex Legends adding it in their upcoming Season 12 update.

That’s where the details stop though. There’s no info on whether the maps are newly developed for the mode or using pre-existing battlegrounds, or even the size of the teams.

With the mode early in production according to both insiders, there’ll still be a bit of a wait for official news from Riot on this matter. Both have also claimed there’s no guarantee this game mode will make it to live servers.

valorant fracture map defender spawn
Riot Games
Control could work by adding zones on existing Valorant maps.

While Riot are toning back the new releases for the upcoming Episode 4 Act 2 launch with no new Agents or maps planned, a game mode like this could fill the void later on in Episode 4 or beyond.

We will update you with more details on Valorant’s Control-style game mode as it arises.

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