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Valorant devs open to more Infantry skins for old-school weapons like AK-47 & PPSH

Published: 20/Mar/2021 22:52 Updated: 20/Mar/2021 23:09

by Alan Bernal


The Infantry skin line is quickly becoming a fan-favorite among Valorant players with FPS nostalgia, and it turns out a Riot dev is open to adding more old-school weapon skins for an AK47, PPSh-41 and more.

Riot released the latest line of weapon skins on March 18 and a one of the cheaper price points at 2930 credits for the bundle that included a cosmetic for the Ares, Ghost, Guardian, Operator and Spectre.

It’s a really streamlined concept that simply gives the weapons an old World War 1 redesign that’s a perfect shoutout to the era as well as games set in those times like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and more.


Though the lack of VFX upgrades or alternate chromas might limit how much people want to buy into the line, Infantry has been well-received and there could be more entries on the way.

riot games valorant skin vandal ak 47
via Reddit
Valorant can one day have an AK-47 cosmetic, if Riot decide to pursue more Infantry-like skin lines.

Addressing some player feedback on the Infantry skin line, Riot Premium Content Art Lead on Valorant, Sean ‘oniram177’ Marino, was really receptive to a simple idea from the community.

“Dear Riot: please do an ‘Infantry 2.0’ with an AK-47,” one user said. “They could also make a PPSH-41 stinger or something I wouldn’t complain.”

The user also suggested Riot implement a “Cold War theme” line in the future, and the whole idea might not have been something the Valorant devs considered.


“Honestly we didnt think of this and I love the idea,” oniram177 said. “I saw someone comment on Twitter or YouTube that Infantry could be a line that progresses throughout different periods of warfare instead of just doing more within WW1 or 2. It gives us a lot of options.”

riot games valorant infantry skins vandal
Riot Games
There could be an Infantry 2.0 collection sometime in Valorant’s future.

This gives the devs a ton of material to work off now, especially since the Valorant community have been likening Future Earth’s arsenal with their IRL counterparts since the game launched.

There have been natural comparisons to the game’s Vandal and CSGO’s AK-47, and oniram’s comment opens the possibility of Valorant’s popular weapon one day looking like the iconic Russian gun.


Riot can go a million different ways with that concept but from the sounds of it, the Valorant community can expect more skins like the Infantry collection to come to the game.