Valorant Ignition Series: Event results, final placements, more

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The Valorant Ignition Series was Riot Games’ first step in developing a global competitive ecosystem for their FPS. Here’s your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know to stay in the loop. 

There is plenty of hype around Valorant as an esport. Despite being in its infancy and not having an esport-specific structure in place, tons of big names from all corners of the esports world flocked to Riot’s high fidelity competitive shooter.

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Now that Riot are officially dipping their toes into Valorant esports, fans from all around the world will be keeping an eye to see who will surface as Future Earth’s first champion. Below is everything you need to know about the 2020 Ignition Series.

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What is the Valorant Ignition Series?

Valorant player at Reactor Site A on Bind.Riot Games
Plenty of teams emerged as victors of their respective region, but G2 Esports were arguably the most dominant.

The Ignition Series was the first Riot-partner program that aimed to “build global recognition for top Valorant pros and teams.” Having teamed up with over 20 esports event organizers around the world, the Ignition Series provided players with the opportunity to build their region’s footprint in Valorant.

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Speaking in their press release, Whalen ‘Magnus’ Rozelle (Senior Director of Global Esports at Riot Games) said: “We expect to see a combination of competitive open qualifiers, show matches, and invitationals featuring top players of the game.”

And that certainly was the cast. With a variety of tournaments on offer, Riot supported Valorant’s competitive ecosystem from amateur right through to the professional level.

Valorant Ignition Series: Stream

All matches from the Valorant Ignition Series were livestreamed directly to the official Valorant Twitch channel. Missed some of the action? Catch-up via the dedicated ‘past broadcasts‘ section on their Twitch channel.

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Valorant Ignition Series: Format

The Ignition Series consisted of small, medium and major tournaments (outlined in Riot’s community competition guidelines). Each of these tournaments worked in tandem to support Valorant’s global esports ecosystem. A variety of regions from around the world were supported, which included:

  • North America
  • Brazil
  • Latin America
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • South-East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Middle-East

Riot stated that the Ignition Series will run through the fall. This ultimately concluded on September 27, with the Epulze Royal SEA Cup and the second iteration of the Gamers Club Ultimate.

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Valorant Ignition Series: Previous event results

Results for all previous Ignition Series events can be found in the table. All individual event results are detailed below.

Event Prize pool (USD) Region Winners
G2 Esports Invitational $16,815 Europe & MEA Team Mixwell
RAGE Invitational $4,680 Japan Absolute JUPITER
T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown $50,000 North America Team SoloMid
Empire Play North Africa Invitational $1,750 MENA Divine Vendetta
GGTech Invitational $2,500 Latin America North Estral Esports
$2,500 Latin America South Rebirth Esports
Vitality European Open $16,914 Europe G2 Esports
WePlay! Invitational $50,000 Europe G2 Esports
Gamers Club Ultimate $3,757 Brazil Gamelanders
ORDER Oceanic Open $7,088 Oceania Team Launch
PAX Arena Invitational $25,000 North America Sentinels Cup $17,772 Europe G2 Esports
RAGE Japan Tournament $47,655 Japan Absolute JUPITER
FaZe Clan Invitational $50,000 North America Team SoloMid
Allied Esports Odyssey $17,720 Europe G2 Esports
Cyber Games Arena Pacific Open $20,000 Asia ahq Esports Club
Pop Flash Invitational $50,000 North America Sentinels
LVL Clash 2 $17,873 Europe G2 Esports
BLAST x Twitch Invitational $50,000 Europe G2 Esports
FTW Summer Showdown $50,000 North America MAJKL
GGTech Invitational 2 $2,500 Latin America North Infinity Esports
$2,500 Latin America South Estral Esports
AfreecaTV Korean Showdown $15,000 Asia Vision Strikers
Rise of Valour $9,246 Oceania EXO Clan
Gamers Club Ultimate #2 $6,307 Brazil NOORG 2.0
Epulze Royal SEA Cup $25,000 Asia Vision Strikers

G2 Esports Valorant Invitational (Europe, Middle-East & Africa) — June 19 – 21

“The G2 Esports Valorant Invitational is coming. Eight brave captains will lead their squads into battle, but with a catch! Captains will not know who they’re playing with until the day before the tournament. Only one team will stand triumphant and ignite the flames of victory. Who will take home the glory?”

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  • Event winners: Team Mixwell (Mixwell, davidp, Fit1nho, CREA, Orb).
  • Event MVP: Draken.
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st Team Mixwell $11,210
2nd Team draken $5,605
3rd – 4th Team ANGE1
Team Taimou
5th – 6th Team ZeratoR
Team Ex6TenZ
7th – 8th Team arch
Team Izak

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RAGE Valorant Invitational (Japan) — June 19 – 21

“Japan’s biggest esport event – RAGE – will be hosting the first officially licensed Valorant tournament in Japan under the Valorant Ignition Series brand. The tournament will invite 16 teams with established reputation in gameplay and popularity (like DetonatioN Gaming and JUPITER), and they will be competing for the winner-take-all prize of 500,000 Yen.”

  • Event winners: Absolute JUPITER (Laz, crow, barce, takej, Reita, JUNiOR [C]).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st Absolute JUPITER $4,680
2nd Lag Gaming
 3rd  BAKEMON  –
 4th  Nora-Rengo  –
 5th – 8th  Sengoku Gaming  –
 DetonatioN Gaming  –
 SunSister Rapid  –
 CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming  –
 9th – 16th  AKIHABARA ENCOUNT  –
 ROX Gaming  –
 Crest Gaming  –
Crazy Raccoon
ShinoBee Gaming

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T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Valorant Showdown (North America) — June 26 – 28

“T1 and Nerd Street Gamers are excited to announce the first North American event in Riot’s Valorant Ignition Series on June 26 through June 28: Hosted by the T1 Valorant team and powered by Nerd Street Gamers, the tournament provides the rare opportunity for amateurs and aspiring pro gamers to compete against some of the biggest names in gaming.

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“Two play-in qualifier events will take place on June 20 and June 21 where teams will compete to secure one of four open spots in the 16-team Showdown and a shot at securing a piece of the $50K prize pool.”

  • Event winners: Team SoloMid (reltuC, hazed, Wardell, Subroza, drone, Tailored [C]).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st Team SoloMid $25,000
2nd T1 $15,000
 3rd  Immortals  $5,000
 4th FaZe Clan  $5,000
 5th – 6th 100 Thieves  –
 Sentinels  –
7th – 8th together we are terrific  –
 Gen.G Esports  –
 9th – 12th  Cloud9  –
 Spot Up  –
 Code7  –
Mixup  –
13th – 16th Prospects
Charlotte Phoenix
Team Ninja
Echo 8

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Empire Play North African Invitational (Middle-East & North Africa) — June 26 – 28

“Get ready for Valorant madness! For the first time, eight of the top North African teams will battle it out during the Empire Play: North Africa Valorant Invitational. Starting on June 26, follow the three days of battle to see who will be the last team standing.”

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  • Event winners: Divine Vendetta (bramz, M4CHINA, Tarik, Bazy, kubzy).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st Divine Vendetta $1,000
2nd Viboras $500
 3rd Exalted Esports  $250
 4th Simplicity Gaming  –
5th – 8th Eternity Esports  –
Knights of Bizertin Rise  –
Stade Tunisien Esports  –
Wavii Team  –

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GGTech Valorant Invitational (Latin America) — July 2 – 3

“The GGTech Valorant Invitational will feature the top teams from Latin America. The event will feature two invitationals, one for Latin America (North) and another for Latin America (South), with eight participating teams in each. The Finals of the LAS Tournament will be broadcast on July 2 and the finals of the LAN Tournament will be featured on July 3.”

  • Latin America North winners: Estral Esports (RAINMAKER, Pulpa, sickLy, blue, Alejo).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st Estral Esports $1,500
2nd Timbers Esports $750
 3rd XTEN Esports $250
 4th Arctic Gaming Mexico  –
5th – 8th E-STORM  –
Atheris Esports  –
Team Aze  –
Rainbow7  –
  • Latin America South winners: Rebirth Esports (akz, Drk, ernzxr, fedehk, Fiend).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st Rebirth Esports $1,500
2nd Undead Gaming $750
 3rd Furious Gaming $250
 4th All Knights  –
5th – 8th Infamous Gaming  –
Azules Esports  –
9z Team  –
Infinity Esports  –

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Vitality European Open (Europe) — July 5 – 12

Valorant Vitality European Open.

“The Vitality European Open was the first full open European Valorant tournament within Riot Games’ Ignition Series. The single-elimination open bracket started on July 5, where teams battled through to earn one of eight Group Stage spots.

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“The top two teams from both groups will progress to the Playoffs. Both the Group Stages and Playoffs will take place between July 10-12.”

  • Event winners: G2 Esports (mixwell, paTiTek, pyth, ardiis, davidp).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st G2 Esports $11,276
2nd Prodigy $2,255
 3rd FABRIKEN $1,128
 4th PartyParrots  $1,128
5th – 8th need more DM $282
Bonk  $282
Apexis  $282
breadHUNTERS  $282

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WePlay! x Ignition: The WePlay! Valorant Invitational (Europe) — July 13 – 19

“The WePlay! VALORANT Invitational with a $50,000 prize pool will take place from June 13 to 19, 2020. The event will feature six invited teams and two more will be decided during the Open Qualifiers on June 13 and 14.

“The main event will kick off with an eight-team Swiss Bracket group stage. Top four teams will proceed to a Single Elimination bracket that will determine the winners. All matches are BO3.”

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  • Event winners: G2 Esports (mixwell, paTiTek, pyth, ardiis, davidp).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st G2 Esports $25,000
2nd fish123 $15,000
 3rd – 4th Ninjas in Pyjamas $5,000
need more DM
5th – 6th nolpenki
7th – 8th forZe

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The Gamers Club x Ignition (Brazil) — July 17 – 19

Gamers Club Ultimate x Valorant Ignition Series.

“The Gamers Club Ultimate by Banco do Brasil will crown Valorant’s best team in Brazil, featuring a set of four open qualifiers on the premiered GC platform to complete its eight competing teams… Allowing new heroes to rise up as the country’s very best.”

  • Event winners: Gamelanders (fznn, mwzera, Jonn, JhoW, Nyang).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (BRL)
1st Gamelanders R$ 10,000
2nd Team oNe R$ 5,000
 3rd – 4th FULL CS R$ 2,500
Bottom Fraggers
5th – 6th Badarants
7th – 8th QuestionMark
Falkol Esports

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ORDER Oceanic Valorant Open (Oceania) — July 3 – 26


“Announcing the Oceanic Valorant Open, presented by Logitech G – the first Valorant Ignition Series event in Oceania! Open qualifiers will be held from July 3-13. Team progressing the qualifiers will battle it out in the Group Stage on July 17-19. Only the best will make it through to the Playoffs, which will take place between July 22-26.”

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  • Event winners: Team Launch (DickStacy, tucks, Texta, wizard, ferg).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (AUD)
1st Team Launch $5,000
2nd EXO Clan $3,000
 3rd – 4th Control $1,000
5th – 6th Dire Wolves
Pants Down
7th – 8th COFFEE
9 – 12th 1HP
Seal Team 6
13th – 15th Pillow Bangers
Bantz Gaming
Crab Walk Killers

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PAX Arena Valorant Invitational (North America) — July 22 – 26

“The PAX Arena Valorant Invitational will feature 100 agents, 16 pro teams, 4 influencer squads, and one incredible race to plant the spike! With $25,000 (USD) and bragging rights on the line, North America’s best Valorant players and streamers will take PAX Arena ONLINE by storm starting July 22-26.

“All competitors will be encouraged to livestream their own group stage matches so fans can track and follow their favorite players and teams. With a top tier caster lineup, this is the summer showdown that you don’t want to miss!

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  • Event winners: Sentinels (ShahZaM, sinatraa, SicK, zombs, dapr).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st Sentinels $10,000
2nd Cloud9 $5,000
– 4th
Team SoloMid $3,000
5th – 8th Gen.G Esports $1,000
Team Envy
9th – 12th Complexity Gaming
Built By Gamers
Way 2 French
13th – 16th 100 Thieves
Echo 8
17th – 20th 100 Blifted
Team Owl
Team Kephrii
Team Mang0

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Mandatory.GG x Ignition Series Valorant cup (Europe) — July 31 – August 2 Cup.

“You don’t want to miss the open European Mandatory Cup tournament. 128 teams from Platinum 1 will compete to share the €15,000 put into play. A true esport format designed for the best players, players, and teams in the European community.”

  • Event winners: G2 Esports (Mixwell, Davidp, ardiis, paTiTek, pyth).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (EUR)
1st G2 Esports €10,000
2nd Bonk €3,000
 3rd – 4th BBL Esports €1,000
Ninjas in Pyjamas
 5th – 8th Dreamchasers  –
TBD  –
9x  –
 9th – 16th Giants Gaming  –
nolpenki  –
fish123 (Team Liquid)  –
Rix.GG  –
17th – 32nd G.Gang
Team Jbzz
Begrip Gaming

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RAGE x Ignition Series Valorant tournament (Japan) — August 1 – 2

Valorant Rage ignition poster

“RAGE returns for their second Valorant Ignition Tournament. This event will feature 128 of JAPAN’s top teams competing for a cash prize of ¥5,000,000.”

  • Event winners: Absolute JUPITER (Laz, crow, barce, takej, Reita, JUNiOR [C]).
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st Absolute JUPITER $28,593
2nd SCARZ $9,531
 3rd Lag Gaming $7,148
4th BlackBird Ignis $2,383
 5th – 8th DetonatioN Gaming  –
SunSister Rapid  –
Sengoku Gaming  –

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FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational (North America) — August 6 – 9

“The FaZe Clan Invitational will see four days of competition from sixteen squads — including the debut of the newly announced FaZe Clan Valorant team. The event kicks off on August 6 with two Group Stage days and culminates in a best-of-five Grand Final on Sunday, August 9 to crown the champion of the FaZe event.”

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  • Event winners: TSM (Wardell, drone, hazed, reltuC, Subroza, Tailored [C]).
  • Event MVP: Wardell.
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st TSM $25,000
2nd Sentinels $15,000
 3rd Immortals $7,500
4th Gen.G Esports $2,500
 5th – 6th Team Envy  –
Cloud9  –
7th – 8th FaZe Clan  –
T1  –
 9th – 12th Complexity  –
China Nguyen  –
Lemonade Stand  –
Renegades  –
13th – 16th 100 Thieves
Built By Gamers

Allied Esports Odyssey Valorant (Europe) — August 11 – 16

“A five-day battle between six of Europe’s top Valorant teams for €15,000 and the latest Ignition Series crown. Each match of the tournament will be produced from the HyperX Esports Studio in Hamburg, Germany, and broadcast live on Twitch.”

  • Event winners: G2 Esports (DavidP, Ardiis, Mixwell, Patitek, Pyth)
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (USD)
1st G2 Esports $7,678
2nd FunPlus Phoenix $4,725
3rd Team Liquid $4,725
4th Ninjas in Pyjamas $354
5th BBL Esports $236
6th Giants Gaming

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Cyber Games Arena Pacific Valorant Open (Asia) — August 17 – 23

“The Valorant Pacific Open is Southeast Asia’s entry in the Valorant Ignition Series, which will spotlight a select number of tournaments each week to help discover talented players and build global recognition for top Valorant teams.”

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  • Event winners: ahq Esports Club (Rainy, Iyo, Kilo, Kant, Milk)
Final Placement Team Name Prize money (EUR)
1st ahq Esports Club $13,000
2nd Attack All Round $5,000
 3rd Only One Word $2,000
4th Team SMG
 5th – 8th BOOM Esports  –
Thailand Attitude  –
Sharper Esport  –
fiVes  –
9th – 12th
Team LZ
 13th – 15th MORPH Team  –
Superdomineering  –
Paper Rex  –

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Pop Flash Valorant Invitational (North America) — August 26 – 30

“Hosted by B Site, and produced in conjunction with FACEIT, Pop Flash will feature a four-day main event where eight teams will fight for their share of a $50,000 prize pool.

  • Event winners: Sentinels (ShahZaM, sinatraa, SicK, zombs, dapr).
Final Placement Team Name Prize Money (USD)
1st Sentinels $25,000
2nd Team Envy $12,500
3rd Cloud9 $7,500
4th Dignitas $5,000
5-6th TSM $0
Immortals $0
7-8th Gen.G $0
T1 $0

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LVL Clash 2 (Europe) — August 28 & 29

LVL Clash 2 Valorant Ignition Series header

“LVL Valorant Clash will see 16 teams from all over Europe fight for their part of the $5000 prize pool. Hosted by esports legend Khaldor and produced out of LVL, Europe’s best esports venue, the Valorant Clash is a showdown of the strongest Valorant teams in Europe.”

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  • Event winners: G2 Esports (Mixwell, pyth, ardiis, paTiTek, davidp).
Final Placement Team Prize Money (EUR)
1st G2 Esports $7,500
2nd Bonk $3,500
3-4th Ninjas in Pyjamas $1,500
FunPlus Phoenix $1,500
5-8th BIG $250
Angry Titans $250
Rix.GG $250
SKADE $250
9-12th Giants Gaming $0
Team Liquid $0
need more DM $0
BBL Esports $0
13-16th Inferno $0
Prodigy $0
Wave Esports $0

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BLAST x Twitch Valorant Ignition Series event (Europe) — September 11 — 13

“The BLAST Valorant Twitch Invitational will see four of the world’s top teams compete for a combined €50,000 prize pool over three action-packed online tournament days.

“Teams competing in the final European tournament of the Valorant Ignition Series are: FunPlus Phoenix, NiP, G2 Esports and Team Liquid. The event will consist of a double-elimination best-of-three format and a best-of-five Grand Final.”

  • Event winners: G2 Esports (Mixwell, pyth, ardiis, paTiTek, davidp).
  • Event MVP: Ardiis.
Final Placement Team Name Prize Money (EUR)
1st G2 Esports $25,000
2nd FunPlus Phoenix $12,500
3rd Team Liquid $7,500
4th Ninjas in Pyjamas $5,000

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FTW All-Female Summer Showdown event (North America) — September 11 — 13

“The FTW Summer Showdown features eight amateur, professional and content creator teams that have been extended an invitation, with an additional four amateur team spots that were secured through a qualifier tournament.

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“GALorants, a women’s Valorant Discord community, hosted the qualifier tournament on Saturday, September 5 where the winning teams secured a portion of the $1,000 prize pot and the best four teams will face off against top female Valorant players and streamers in the official $50,000 Showdown on September 11-13.”

  • Event winners: MAJKL (kat, Jazzyk1ns, AnnieDro, alexis, meL).
Final Placement Team Name Prize Money (EUR)
1st MAJKL $25,000
2nd GX3 $15,000
3rd hamboigas $7,500
4th Dignitas Female $2,500
5th – 8th Sailor Scouts
9th – 10th Zenith
Chick Fil Ayy
11th – 12th Bloom
GFuel Krabby Patties

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GGTech Valorant Invitational 2 (Latin America) — September 7 — 18

“The best teams from Latin America will play to decide who will be the Champion of the second GGTech VALORANT Invitational as part of the Ignition Series. The event will consist of two Invitationals, one for LAN (Latin America North) and one for LAS (Latin America South), with 16 teams participating in each.

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“The Broadcast on September 17 will be the Finals of the LAS tournament and the Broadcast onf September 18 will be the Finals of the LAN tournament.”

  • Latin America North winners: Infinity Esports (RAINMAKER, sickLy, Alejo, jfoen, nolaN).
Final Placement Team Name Prize Money (EUR)
1st Infinity Esports $1,500
2nd Rainbow7 $750
3rd TopHard Esports $250
4th Kaizen Esports
5th – 8th Liga del Mal
Lazer Klan
 9th – 12th  Timbers Esports
 Dragones Carolina
 Atheris Esports
 Arctic Gaming Mexico
 13 – 16th  Janus Licht Esports
 Tek Gaming
 Wolves of Hell
  • Latin America South winners: Estral Esports (Nozwerr, Saadhak, Puleule, Leazo, NagZ, Onur [C]).
Final Placement Team Name Prize Money (EUR)
1st Estral Esports $1,500
2nd Furious Gaming $750
3rd 9z Team $250
4th Catolica Esports
5th – 8th Bencheados
Dylema Gaming
Millions Gaming
 9th – 12th Aion Esports
Azules Esports
Odin Gaming
Wygers Argentina
 13 – 16th XTEN Esports
Rebirth Esports
Infamous Gaming
LBS Esports

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AfreecaTV Showdown (Asia) — September 18 — 20

“The Asia Valorant Showdown is the first Ignition Series hosted in Korea and will feature competitors from five countries and regions in Asia. The event will see two brackets.

“A Pro Bracket and an Influencer Bracket will play out over the course of three days, with the final of each bracket taking place on the third day. The tournament will feature a single-elimination format with teams required to win a best-of-three match to advance.”

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  • Event winners: Vision Strikers (glow, stax, k1Ng, Rb, Zest, termi [C]).
Final Placement Team Name Prize Money (EUR)
1st Vision Strikers $10,000
2nd Aboslute JUPITER $5,000
3rd – 4th ahq Esports Club
Team SMG

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Rise of Valour x Ignition Series Valorant tourament (Oceania) — September 22 — 24

“Rise of Valour, presented by Fortress Melbourne, will be Australia’s biggest online tournament hosted by a dedicated esports venue, with over $70,000 (AUD) in prizes to be won. The tournament, part of the Valorant Ignition Series, will consist of four stages with three pathways to the finals, and will be open to all teams in Oceania (regardless of skill level).

“Rise of Valour will be streamed live from the Alienware Arena at Fortress Melbourne; the largest games entertainment venue of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.”

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  • Event winners: Exo Clan (pl1xx, Dizzy, IyeN, Crunchy, Bob).
Final Placement Team Name Prize Money (AUD)
1st Exo Clan $6,000
2nd Team Launch $4,000
3rd Ground Zero $2,000
4th Mindfreak $1,000
5th Notick $600
6th RipNTear $600
7th – 8th Magic Five $200
Kanga Esports
9th – 10th Dire Wolves $200

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Epulze Royal SEA Cup (SEA) — September 21 – 27

“South East Asia, the Valorant Ignition Series is back! There’s four Open Qualifier spots available for the Epulze Royal SEA Cup, with twelve of the best teams in the region waiting on the throne for you to challenge.”

  • Event winners: Vision Strikers (glow, stax, k1Ng, Rb, Zest).
Final Placement Team Prize Money (USD)
1st Vision Strikers $13,000
2nd Attack All Around $4,000
3rd MiTH.Attitude $3,000
4th BOOM Esports $2,000
5th – 6th Bren Esports $1,500
BlackBird Ignis
7th – 8th MORPH Team
9th – 12th ANBU Elite Gaming
Paper Rex
Armory Gaming
ahq e-Sports Club
13th – 16th Only One Word
RRQ Endeavour
New Team Esports Rush

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Gamers Club Ultimate #2 (Brazil) — September 25 – 27

“The Gamers Club Ultimate returns to Brazil, where eight teams will battle it out to see which team will end South America’s Ignition Series campaign on a high. Four teams will qualify from the Group Stages and into the Playoffs, where only one will ultimately be crowned Brazil’s best Valorant team.”

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  • Event winners: NOORG 2.0 (murizzz, ole, Txozin, kon4n, matheuzin).
Final Placement Team Prize Money (USD)
1st NOORG 2.0 $3,604
2nd Bottom Fraggers $1,802
3rd – 4th Badarants $451
5th – 6th Question Mark
B4 eSports
7th – 8th No2B e-Sports

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