Riot confirm that dedicated tournament servers are coming

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Riot devs have stated in the latest instalment that Ask VALORANT that dedicated Tournament Realms will roll out in the future.

In the most recent article in Riot Games’ Q&A series ‘AskVALORANT’, Valorant’s devs discussed the future of the esports scene in a lot more detail than ever before.

With the chaos that ensued with “nightmare” patch 1.11, as well as the discussion around its impact on the upcoming First Strike tournament, it seems like fans have been eager to get to grips with just how Riot plan to proceed with future tournaments.

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Cue AskVALORANT, where VALORANT Esports Strategy manager Riley Yurk describes in detail exactly what Valorant’s esports’ roadmap is.

Valorant First Strike headerRiot Games
The popularity of Valorant First Strike has proven that fans want a Valorant esports scene.

Valorant will have ‘tournament realms’ in the future

Just as Riot Games has implemented in League of Legends, Yurk explains that there will be dedicated tournament servers in the future. Dubbed ‘Tournament Realms,’ these closed servers will allow Riot “more control over the environment that esports is played in.”

He goes on to clarify that “we’ll have specific rules around what patches can be used for certain tournaments to help create the best environment for competitive play. We’re extremely focused on competitive integrity and will continue to adapt our plans in collaboration with both devs and players.”

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Clearly, Yurk and his esports development team are drawing inspiration from the League of Legends scene. As easily one of the most popular esports titles of all time, following in the footsteps that LoL has already laid out provides Valorant with a great pathway to success.

Valorant Agent bansRiot Games
Valorant has proven to be one of 2020’s biggest hits both casually and professionally, and its future looks exciting.

Valorant, however, has grown to become a huge success and already has a flourishing esports scene despite being less than a year old. So, if it does follow LoL’s trajectory we can expect amazing things.

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So get excited! The future of Valorant is bright – maybe even as bright as Skye’s flash.

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