Valorant bug gives Phoenix’s Run it Back ultimate a bizarre effect

. 2 years ago
Riot Games via World_of_tech

Valorant’s popular duelist Phoenix has a bug with his ultimate ability that’s throwing opponents in a loop to track him down.

Generally, the Agent’s ‘Run It Back’ ult ends in two ways: Phoenix’s copy gets shot down or the ability expires and returns him to the place he initiated the move. But a strange effect can happen in which the expired ultimate leaves his character model completely invisible.

Players are reporting multiple encounters with the glitch, which can appear in more than one instance during a single match – giving the Agent one of the best abilities in the game.

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In a clip posted by user ‘World_of_tech,’ the player can be seen hiding from an enemy Phoenix. When they’re confident the hunting opponent passed up their location, they go out to find the mark that tells them where Phoenix will respawn after the ability’s duration.

Though a bit risky, this was absolutely the right play to make in the 1v1. Unfortunately for World_of_tech, there was a wrench thrown in the cogs to an otherwise perfect outplay.

Riot Games via World_of_tech
Although not readily apparent, there’s a Phoenix in this image.

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Taking out their knife to humiliate the attacker, the player was surprised to see that Phoenix wasn’t all there.

The gun and eventual Spike on the player could be seen, but not the actual character model for him. For a brief moment, there was nothing in front of Brimstone after the ult expired since the mark left by Run It Back disappeared and the player didn’t have a weapon on them yet.

Shortly after, a floating Spectre can be seen making its way onto the site before it switches to the Spike. The clip didn’t end well for the one taking it, seeing as they whiffed their shots on the invisible target and lost the round.

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Though there are Agents that can go invisible, such as the newest addition to the game in Reyna, this isn’t an intended effect for this character’s kit.

People shouldn’t expect to make use of the bug either since reproducing the glitch is currently unknown – besides, there are more reliable ways of playing with Phoenix.

However, if more people encounter the bug in Valorant, expect Riot to patch up the glitch in time for the Rank playlist to be integrated in the game.

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