Valorant agent sets an abysmal record with worst win rate for 7 months in a row

Jeremy Gan
KAYO in ValorantRiot Games

A Valorant agent has just set an abysmal record with the worst win rate in Radiant competitive lobbies for seven months in a row. 

If there is one thing Riot loves doing in Valorant, it’s tweaking agents. Be it giving them massive nerfs or tiny buffs, it’s all in an effort by the devs to shake up the meta to keep things fresh. 

However, just like any competitive FPS, some characters can get left behind by the meta, and sometimes for quite a long time. And this is true for KAY/O. 

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As we gear up for Episode 7 Act 3, KAY/O has seemingly been left behind for the past few acts, languishing with the lowest win rate in ranked lobbies. 

KAYO gameplay image in valorantRiot Games
KAY/O’s win rate has been abysmal for the past seven months

According to’s tracker, KAY/O has had the worst win rate in most competitive ranked lobbies in the past four acts, since Episode 6 Act 2. This means for the past seven months, since March 7, KAY/O has had the worst win rate. 

Despite getting a decent amount of picks in the 2023 VCT season, KAY/O couldn’t compete with flashing initiators like Skye, mostly being used as a pick for certain maps like Ascent where a certain comp was mostly played. 

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In fact, his pick rate was so bad that Breach, another flashing initiator who isn’t exactly the meta, had a higher pick rate than him in the 2023 Valorant Champions event. 

When KAY/O was released in mid-2021, much of the pro scene and ranked lobbies saw a lot of usage out of him, with metas forming around his ZERO/point which can suppress enemy abilities. 

However, in late 2022, KAY/O received a considerable amount of nerfs across two patches which saw his win rate dwindle, and it seems he hasn’t recovered since then. 

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But with a new Act coming, and a new VCT season on the horizon, Riot may be giving KAY/O some much-needed buffs, however, we will have to wait and see. 

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