Valorant Act 3: What’s Next? | Curveball #2 ft. BanKs, MitchMan & Tombizz

Valorant Esports whats next?

In the second episode of Curveball, we spoke with BanKs, MitchMan, and Tombizz regarding the upcoming First Strike tournament which is set to be the first Riot organized tournament for Valorant. 

Our guests also speak about how this intra-regional showdown will affect the Valorant pro scene going forward and also which region is the strongest going into this tournament.

Another topic of interest is G2 Esports being the best team in the world due to the sheer amount of tournament victories they have, and also how much better they are compared to their fellow European teams.

The group also discusses the ongoing cheating scandal that is plaguing competitive CS:GO and how this could potentially affect the Riot title going forward, as well as what tournament organizes can do to prevent this.

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