Top 5 best-selling VCT Americas capsules has unexpected team in 5th place

Daniel Appleford
LOUD Vct Americas bundle

The VCT Americas team capsule sales have gone live and the results aren’t what everyone would have expected.

Each region has revealed the top five best-selling team capsules for VCT, and now it’s finally Americas’ turn.

It’s no surprise that Sentinels has the best-selling capsule in all of the Americas. Especially with their recent Masters Madrid win and how hard Zellsis has been pushing the bundle.

However, the remaining four teams aren’t what was expected from the Americas side. In second place is South American team Leviatán, third is G2 Esports, fourth is Cloud9 and LOUD comes up last.

Sentinels and LOUD have been rivals since the early days of VCT. Due not only to how many times they’ve matched up as well as how large each organization’s fan base is.

Now that Sentinels is much further above LOUD in the team capsule sales, it seems that the rivalry has become more one-sided.

Fans of VCT weren’t surprised that Sentinels were on top, due to the general success the team has been having since their February start.

G2 Esports, who haven’t played up to expectations so far in the VCT, surprisingly had better sales than better-performing teams like NRG or EG.

With the success of the Sentinels team capsule due to their ingenious marketing strategy, it may be time for other teams to take notice. Especially if they want to grow in popularity among the other VCT Americas teams.

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