Sentinels and LOUD Valorant players stuck in visa limbo ahead of VCT Americas start

Daniel Appleford
LOUD vs Sentinels VCT

Sentinels and LOUD, the two VCT Americas teams who participated in Masters Madrid, are facing difficulties returning their players to the United States.

During a recent stream, TenZ disclosed that Sentinels’ in-game leader, Johnqt, is having visa problems, hindering his return to the US.

Originally from Morocco, Johnqt is still stuck in Europe after the conclusion of Masters Madrid. Sentinels is scheduled to play against 100 Thieves on April 7; it is unknown if he will make it in time for the match.

It’s not just Sentinels dealing with visa hurdles. LOUD, who secured 4th place at Madrid, is also encountering difficulties. LOUD cauanzin took to Twitter/X to reveal that the team is currently stuck in Ireland.

“Trapped in Ireland,” said cauanzin through translation in a reply to his teammate qck.

LOUD’s Less also jumped in to confirm that the team was dealing with issues, stating that the team could also not find a LAN house in the country.

Unlike Sentinels, LOUD is scheduled to play the second match of the day on April 6 against NRG Esports. Despite the visa issues the teams are facing, Riot has not announced that the matches will be postponed.

As of now, both teams are still slated to compete in their first matches of Americas Stage 1. However, only Sentinels have the option to utilize their substitute player, Curry, to replace Johnqt on the team.

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