TenZ discovers the ultimate support player in random Valorant public match

Valorant pro TenZ at his LAN setupRiot Games

TenZ is already a problem on the map for any team squaring off against him, but with the added boost from the “ultimate support player” in all of Valorant, he managed to transform into a whole new kind of issue.

It’s well known what Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo is capable of in the Valorant world. The current Sentinels player and former CSGO pro is known worldwide for his impeccable aim and reaction time, and his success in both titles only further that he’s a rare talent.

So what happens when you give a player of that caliber a support player who will do whatever it takes to feed him kills? Well, the results speak for themselves.

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TenZ finds the ultimate Valorant support player in random public match

As one of the top names in Valorant, it’s not unusual for other players to recognize TenZ and do some silly things to get his attention. This time around, a friendly Brimstone offered to be the ultimate utility piece for his talented teammate.

Although they were already in a 3v1 situation, Ngo’s friendly companion went into overdrive as support. Instead of jumping in and firing back at the remaining enemy, he waited for TenZ to run out of ammo so that he could drop his gun for the SEN star.

Every time TenZ discarded his Phantom to pick up the freshly-loaded Vandal, Brim would pick up the empty one and reload it, making for a nearly infinite spray of bullets.

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When that strategy ran out, the random peaked out and shot a Molotov at the bombsite before ultimately acting as a bullet sponge and telling the pro to get behind him.

As unconventional as the approach might have been, it made for a fun moment and a surprisingly successful way to pressure the enemy Breach into making a mistake. We might not see this in VCT anytime soon, but trying it out in a few public matches might net other players a few surprise round wins… as long as they don’t expect to shoot like Tenz, of course.