Summit1g explains why Raze’s Rocket Launcher is Valorant’s worst ability

Twitch: Summit1g/Riot Games

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has explained why Raze’s rocket launcher ultimate is Valorant is a pretty bad ability – even though he claims it isn’t as overpowered as some might think.

Ever since she was revealed following the launch of the Valorant closed beta, Raze has become one of, if not the most, divisive characters that Riot Games has put out – splitting opinion between players.

Valorant’s explosives expert has been blasted for having abilities that are too powerful – with players taking aim at her paint shell cluster grenades and C4-like blast packs. Though her ultimate, a rocket launcher, is meant to be the most powerful ability of all – Summit believes it isn’t as overpowered as previously claimed.

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Riot Games
Raze debuted in Valorant on April 7, and quickly became the game’s most divisive character.

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During his April 23 stream, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player explained that while annoying, Raze’s ultimate isn’t the problem. “I don’t think her rocket is necessarily overpowered,” he said. “I think her ‘nades are in a fine spot the way they changed it, I still am a believer that the rocket launcher is just so narrow-minded and such a s**t f**king ability to have in this video game.” 

Summit continued on: “I don’t necessarily think it’s overpowered, I just think it’s going to bulls**t you from time to time and it’s going to be really f**king annoying – or cost you a game or something like that. It’s just not a deserved s**t. The leader of the 1G Squad noted that Raze is like D.Va in Overwatch, it’s a character he’ll see plenty of in-game, but he won’t “respect” the player using it because it is “easy.”

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Of course, the criticism of Raze has already led to some tweaks to her abilities during the first real update in the beta – as Summit pointed out. 

Whether or not Riot will go all out moving forward, changing her up even further, however, is up in the air. The beta is the perfect time for them to assess all the data, player complaints, and every other tool they have to decide if she needs tweaking one way or the other.