Valorant round ends in disaster as players uncover new Sova trick

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Valorant players are finding new secrets and crazy strategies every day of the closed Beta, though this new discovery left one team completely shocked in more ways than one.

Valorant’s moment to moment gameplay can often be a battle of sheer mechanical prowess. The gamer with faster reaction times and the sharper aim will often win most 1v1 fights. However, abilities often turn that trend completely upside down. 

Many Agents have damaging and even lethal abilities at their disposal. Sova’s Shock Bolt falls under those categories though it appears there could be far more strategy in-play with the charged-arrow than you might think.

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Down to a 1v1 scenario in the eighth round on Split, Kanna6501 was spectating his last teammate, Cypher, in a battle against Sova. With the Spike planted over on A-site, players highlighted how the Sova seemingly “missed” his Shock Bolt.

“He messed up,” one player said as the damaging arrow was fired with no effect. Pushing to the objective, Cypher soon dispatched the enemy Sova. But to everyone’s surprise, that Shock Bolt came back into play in a truly shocking way.

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Halfway through defusing the Spike, the arrow crashed back into the ground and hilariously wiped out the last remaining survivor.

“What? Where did that come from?” they questioned as the rest of their team exploded into a mix of laughter and outright confusion. One player was able to catch onto what had just transpired though. “No ceiling,” they explained. “[The Shock Bolt] comes right back down.”

To the disbelief of everyone in the lobby, it turns out Sova’s arrows can be fired straight into the sky and still leave a mark on the map. It appeared to take roughly 15 seconds for the ability to land back on the map, so if timed right, you can use this trick to your advantage.

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It turns out that Sova’s arrows can come in handy, even when they don’t immediately hit an enemy.

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Everyday Valorant players seem to be raising the bar and discovering just how high the skill ceiling in the competitive FPS title really is. 

Split’s A-Spike site has been the focus of not just one funny Sova discovery of late. Players also uncovered a genius movement trick that involves the agent’s Ultimate and getting into unreachable places on that side of the map.