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Simple Valorant spike plant trick makes defusing harder for enemies

Published: 11/Jun/2020 19:55

by Michael Gwilliam


Planting the Spike in Valorant is often necessary to wins rounds as an attacker, but doing so can leave you vulnerable to enemy fire. Luckily, there’s an easily-to-implement trick that can make sure you’re safe and that enemies aren’t when they have to defuse.

Facing the right direction when planting the Spike is key as it lets you be aware of your surroundings, but turning around to face the corner can make it so it gets planted further in, which can be critical for winning rounds.

Redditor Average Jonas made a video demonstrating how to make it so it is constantly planted in the corner while you can still observe your surroundings in case the enemy comes from around the bend.


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“What you can do is hold it and then just before you end, you just turn around,” he explained. “You may ask yourself why this is of importance and it is two things. First of all, when you line up wall banks you want the position of the diffuser to be as consistent as possible.”

According to Jonas, the further into the corner the spike is, the less area the diffuser has to stand on.

PSA: Character direction affects spike plant location from VALORANT

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This is a big deal because there are spots on maps where Agents can use their abilities from a distance to connect with enemy players trying to defuse, but in order to guarantee they will connect, it’s best to have the Spike in the right spot.


“You want to make sure the diffuser is very limited to where it can stand where it defuses,” he added.

In an example, Jonas showed how an outward-planted Spike and was unable to hit his target from a Sova Shock Dark spot. However, when he plants inwards and goes to the same spot, his shots are able to connect, making defusing a nightmare for opponents.

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“Now he has a lot less area to work on,” Jonas said.

Next time it’s up to you to plant the Spike, keep this tip in mind and reap the benefits.