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Shroud explains why there’s “no reason” for him to play Skye in Valorant

Published: 6/Nov/2020 21:08

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch sensation Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek took some time to try out Valorant’s newest Agent Skye and quickly decided he probably won’t be playing her again anytime soon.

Skye dropped in Valorant patch 1.11 and is the game’s first Australian Agent. Her kit is all about utility with the character well-equipped with flashes, stuns and heals.

However, for shroud, despite her being “definitely good,” he has some issues with her playstyle that ultimately leave him just wanting to play other Agents.

“I feel like Breach is still better,” Grzesiek explained. “Like Breach is a better version of Skye.”

Skye uses heal ability
Riot Games
Skye’s heal is extremely strong.

That said, Skye does have one thing that does impress the human aimbot: Her heal.


Skye’s Regrowth ability heals allies in range of her line of sight. This makes it extremely strong when dealing with the threat of splash damage when attacking as a unit. Which may make her a better pick in organized play.

“Skye’s not a very good PUB (public game) character for me because she relies on setting your team up,” shroud noted. “Being vocal for them, flashing for them. Working together. But PUBs never really are like that. PUBs are more so, individual performance.” (Timestamp 5:06 for mobile viewers)

This has some major downsides, as the FPS legend detailed. “You can’t really make much individual plays with her. You can’t flash for yourself. You can’t smoke for yourself.”


“That might be the last time I play Skye. There’s no real reason for me to play her,” shroud said after he finished a game. “Not really my style.”

Well shroud may not be totally down with Skye, she is still extremely new to Valorant, so we’ll have to see how the community and pro teams take to her in the weeks and months ahead.