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Valorant devs tease the idea of Agent bans in the future

Published: 5/Nov/2020 21:20 Updated: 6/Nov/2020 0:24

by Nate Searl


Are there certain Agents in Valorant that you can’t stand playing against? According to Riot Ziegler, you might be able to ban those Agents at some point in the game’s future. 

Many popular games like League of Legends and Dota 2 have a “ban system” where players from each team get to ban characters so no one can play them. Bans add strategic depth to matches and prevent players from abusing overpowered characters.

Valorant is still in its early stages as a game and esport, and players are curious about its direction. While it only has 14 playable characters currently, there have already been some Agent bans in Asian tournaments.

In an interview with G2’s Oscar “Mixwell” Canellas Colocho, Valorant’s Game Director, Riot Ziegler, gave some insights on the topic.

Valorant Agent Bans
Riot Games
Valorant’s director discusses whether Agent bans are good for the game.

Valorant might have Agent bans in the future

Midway through the interview, Mixwell discusses how Asian tournaments have had Agent bans. He then asks whether or not Valorant will have a ban system for everyone in the future.

Riot Ziegler starts his answer to the question by saying, “I think right now, we’re not doing that, but I think in the future we may think about it. It really depends on how much it adds to the game versus subtracts to the game.”

He goes on to say, however, that “those decisions, I think, are hard to tell when we only have 14 characters in the game,” suggesting that there are too few Agents to consider it right now but that he isn’t ruling it out in the future.

Segment begins at 18:47.

It’s true that in games like League of Legends and Dota 2, there are over 150 characters to choose from, whereas Valorant only has 14. There already aren’t that many Agents to choose from and adding bans at this stage of the game would only shrink that number.

Of course, Valorant plans to add new Agents every two months with each new act which means the character pool will grow quickly. Once there are a bunch of different Agents with all sorts of unique abilities, it will become more difficult to balance and bans could really help the game.


‘Valorant’ Raze voice actress shares impressive casual cosplay

Published: 2/Nov/2020 22:01

by Nate Searl


We saw plenty of awesome cosplays over the Halloween weekend, and Valorant voice actress Carolina Ravassa didn’t want to miss out on the action, so she showcased her cosplay skills by bringing Raze to life.

Valorant has been all the rage since it came out this summer. One of the game’s most popular characters is Raze, a Brazilian Agent who loves explosives. For Halloween, Ravassa, who voices the agent, had a little surprise for the community.

Some people go all out when they cosplay, but the actress, who also plays Sombra in Overwatch, chose to bring her character to life in casual attire.

Ravassa’s Casual Valorant Raze Cosplay

In-game, the Duelist is already fairly casual as it is, but this cosplay leans into the look even more by putting it together with household items. She has a tank top with the word “boom” graffitied on it, with the wording exactly like it is in-game. Instead of a yellow cap with multiple braids, she rocks a black cap with one braid.

Where Raze has colorful pants and gloves on, Ravassa just wears black sweats and a black glove. She doesn’t forget the belt either, even if it isn’t strapped with paint shells! She also spices her shoes up a bit, where Raze’s are just black with red soles and white x’s on them.

Perhaps the best part of the cosplay is her attempt at a homemade rocket launcher and grenade. For the rocket launcher, she rolls up and tapes a big piece of brown paper in a cylinder and holds it over her shoulder. In her other hand, she holds a lemon in place of a grenade.

While the cosplay is casual, she sure didn’t skip on the details. She makes sure to include the leg strap, the wrist band, and the belt to make the cosplay look authentic as can be. Since she is the official voice of Raze, she can bring the character to life in a way that no one else can.

This isn’t Carolina Ravassa’s first cosplay attempt. Being the voice of Sombra in Blizzard’s Overwatch, she’s also brought that character to life multiple times over the years as well.