Sentinels’ dream of VCT Americas playoffs over as NRG take care of business

Luís Mira

Sentinels are officially out of the running for a spot in the VCT Americas playoffs after last night’s match between NRG and Evil Geniuses.

A 2-1 victory against FURIA kept Sentinels in the playoff race, though the map lost to the Brazilian side seriously hampered their chances of progressing to the next stage.

In order to reach the VCT Americas playoffs, Sentinels relied on three improbable upsets, starting with an Evil Geniuses victory against NRG. Leviatán would then need to beat table-toppers LOUD and MIBR would have to defeat 100 Thieves.

But before the day was over, Sentinels’ hopes were crushed as NRG defeated Evil Geniuses in two maps, effectively knocking the “clout kings” out of playoff contention.

Sentinels’ players and fans can take some solace from the fact that the team finished out a roller coaster of a season on a high note by beating KRÜ Esports and FURIA. With several player swaps, as well as a coaching change, the team has struggled to find stability and consistency, inside and outside the game.

What now for Sentinels after VCT Americas elimination?

The elimination from the VCT Americas postseason also means that Sentinels will miss the upcoming international Valorat event, VCT Masters Tokyo.

However, the year is not yet over for the team. In July, they will play the last-chance qualifier for Valorant Champions 2023, with one spot at the showpiece event on offer.

“There is still LCQ, which is in July,” Sentinels content creator Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik said after NRG’s victory. “They still have something to look forward to. They have a chance of qualifying there.”

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