ScreaM explains why the Phantom is his go-to rifle in Valorant

ScreaM Valorant Phantom vs VandalScreaM via. Twitter, Riot Games

Players have argued over whether the Phantom or Vandal is the better weapon in Valorant since the game’s release, and now pro player ScreaM has weighed in on the debate, revealing his choice when it comes to the game’s infamous Rifles.

Since Valorant’s release, the Phantom and Vandal have become two of the game’s most iconic and popular weapons. Because they are both Rifle-class weapons, players naturally lock horns over which option is the best in that category.

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Both weapons cost 2,900 Credits to obtain and offer a solid selection of DPS, accuracy, and rate of fire. The Vandal boasts a better range, but the Phantom comes equipped with a silencer, making it perfect for sneaky engagements.

While every player has developed their own preference towards one or the other, Valorant pro Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom revealed that he prefers the Phantom in an AMA video posted to his channel.

In the Q&A session, the pro player for Team Liquid was asked whether he preferred the Vandal or Phantom, and why. After hearing the question, ScreaM laughed and remarked “It’s a hard question man.”

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“Seriously Phantom, I think it’s a better weapon,” he answered, explaining that the Phantom is the more efficient weapon and has an important edge over its counterpart: if you miss a shot or two with the Phantom you can still recover, but the Vandal is not as forgiving.

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ScreaM confirmed he’ll use either weapon depending on the situation, and who he’s playing with, so like many players, he understands choosing between the two can be a personal decision.

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“Overall, I think [the] Phantom is better,” he decided. “The only thing [the] Vandal is better at is long-range.”

Valorant Phantom Gameplay TrailerRiot Games
Players have argued over whether the Phantom or Vandal is the better weapon since Valorant’s release.

Despite having an advantage in long-range encounters, ScreaM said he thinks the Phantom is the better Rifle in every other category, hence why he chose it over the Vandal.

Regardless of input from professional players and content creators, the debate over which of these two weapons is the king continues. Riot Games has confirmed that even they are keeping an eye on the balance between the two weapons to make sure one doesn’t end up outshining the other.

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ScreaM has shared his thoughts and for him, the Phantom is clearly the winner. That is high praise coming from a professional player, and it might just be worth checking out the Phantom again if you’ve been a Vandal supporter so far.

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