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Sage master: Lowel’s best Valorant plays

Published: 12/Apr/2021 17:29 Updated: 13/Apr/2021 17:29

by Lauren Bergin


For European Valorant fans, Team Heretics’ IGL Christian ‘lowel’ Garcia Antoran has etched himself into the game’s short history. Here are his ten best Sage plays. 

Coming in tenth is the Spaniard’s First Strike EU play against SUMN FC (now Fnatic). Pushing Sage to her limits, lowel rescued his team from the brink of defeat.

Our ninth highlight sees him taking control of Showers on Bind, where he blows Team Liquid out of the game. Following this in eighth is an insane site retake on Haven against SUMN; a pretty tricky task to pull off on Sage.

Split vs G2 is the site of play number seven, where MVP-worthy plays see the iconic org get wiped off the face of Future Earth. Guild suffered a similar fate at the Heretics player’s hands, where a quadra on Haven saved the day.

Highlight five sees his Sage resurrect one of her teammates as bait, luring Liquid’s soulcas into an elaborate trap that ends with him losing his head. Unfortunately, soulcas is at his mercy once more in play four, where a cheeky wall ends in yet another headshot.

Third is the VCT Masters Haven 1v1 against Acend’s BONECOLD, whose Omen can’t quite catch the sneaky sentinel before she takes him down and defuses the spike. Our second choice against NiP ends pretty much the same, only it’s a 1v2 with lowel reigning supreme.

Our top play takes place on Bind once more, and it’s the quadra against SUMN that won them the First Strike EU title.