Rising Valorant star Demon1 confirms he can’t go to VCT Masters Tokyo if EG qualifies

Carver Fisher
demon1 can't go to tokyo with eg vct

Evil Geniuses just narrowly made the cut for VCT Americas playoffs by being on the better side of a 5-way tie with other teams in the league. Demon1 was a big part of EG turning their record around and making playoffs, but he won’t be able to attend Valorant Masters Tokyo if the team qualifies.

Evil Geniuses making it to the Playoffs when 100 Thieves and Sentinels just barely missed qualification has come as a massive surprise to Valorant fans. They had an incredibly weak start but turned things around at the tail end of the split.

While everyone on the team had improved performance, Max ‘Demon1’ Mazanov starting over Brendan ‘BcJ’ Jensen was, from the outside looking in, a critical change that led to EG qualifying for playoffs.

However, Demon1 has revealed that he won’t be able to come to Evil Geniuses to VCT Masters Tokyo in the event they qualify due to him not being on their original starting roster for VCT Americas.

Demon1 confirms he can’t go to Masters Tokyo if EG qualifies

Before Demon1 was on the roster, Evil Geniuses lacked a consistent entry fragger. While some teams can get away with compositions that don’t prioritize having a Duelist like Jett or Raze, Evil Geniuses had yet to figure out what worked for them and Alexander ‘jawgemo’ Mor’s attempt at the role wasn’t very convincing.

It turns out that putting Demon1 on Jett was exactly what they needed While he played a few matches on other characters, his Jett was a standout and a massive part of EG being able to ultimately qualify.

Though he’ll be able to play with the team through Playoffs, he confirmed on stream that he won’t be able to come to VCT Masters Tokyo if they make it there due to him not being on Evil Geniuses’ original starting roster.

Instead, in the event EG makes it to the international event, it’s likely that BcJ will be put back onto the roster for their international run.

That said, the likelihood that Evil Geniuses qualifies out of the 6 remaining teams is fairly low. They’ve got a lot to overcome if they want to get to the finish line. In the event that they make it, though, it remains to be seen how well they’d do without Demon1.

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