Evil Geniuses reportedly staying in VCT for 2024 Season but with different roster

Jeremy Gan
Evil Geniuses reportedly staying in VCT for 2024 Season but with different roster

Evil Geniuses is reportedly staying in VCT for the upcoming 2024 Season, but fielding a different roster instead of their Champions-winning team.

2023 has been a year filled with controversy for EG, from abandoning their 15-man CS roster, reportedly mistreating a star LCS player, and their Valorant Champions winning roster seemingly stuck in contract jail.

Compounded by the fact Evil Geniuses dropped out of the LCS, leading to reports of the org exiting esports entirely, and selling off their BLAST Premier slot as they exit CS2, the fate of their award-winning Valorant roster was in question.

However, a new report from Valorant insider Lembo states that EG is in fact staying in VCT for the next season, however, with a different roster.

Translated from Spanish, Lembo writes, “Evil Geniuses, partner team of VCT Americas, will continue in the league in 2024.”

He continues, “There was a rumor that M80 would take their place but according to my info I can confirm that EG will continue in esports in 2024 with their VCT team. Of course, it will not be with the same players.”

This comes as EG’s players tease fans of finally escaping their VCT contract jail, and potentially moving on to other teams, however, quite late into the off-season.

Two of their star players, Ethan “Ethan” Arnold and Max “Demon1” Mazanov have both been linked with NRG’s new revamped super-squad, and their IGL Kelden “Boostio” Pupello has been linked with 100Thieves.

However, it also leaves other players, Corbin “C0M” Lee and Alexander “jawgemo” Mor with no clear team to join late in the off-season. It also brings into question if their award-winning coach, Christine “potter” Chi will still be leading Evil Geniuses’ Valorant team.