Riot devs finally address Valorant running accuracy after complaints from players

Lauren Bergin
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One of Valorant’s most hotly debated elements is the rifle accuracy when running and gunning. Pro players and casual gamers alike have criticized the mechanic, but the newest rendition of AskValorant has finally addressed the issue. 

If you follow any pro Valorant player on Twitter, you’ve likely seen the debate surrounding running and shooting while using rifles. With a whole host of videos showing just how broken the mechanic is in Valorant, it’s inspired a mob of angry players to take their complaints to Riot themselves.

A whole collection of players, including Team SoloMid’s Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik and 100 Thieves’ Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella, have pointed out the problems with the mechanic.

As of yet, there has been little official response regarding fixes, but Riot have finally broken the silence when it comes to running and gunning.

Valorant Phantom Gameplay Trailer
The Phantom is the main weapon that needs some running and shooting nerfs.

Riot promise run & gun changes in Patch 2.02

With Patch 2.01 focusing largely on introducing changes to Split and nerfing Jett’s iconic Cloudburst smokes, Valorant’s devs suggest that Patch 2.02 will centre more around nerfs to the infamous issue.

In the January 28 segment of Ask VALORANT, Senior Designer Joe Walker and Senior producer Ian Fielding wrote that “we have some changes planned for Patch 2.02 that should help address sentiment on running accuracy with rifles.”

“Keep in mind, we’re making sure not to change too many systems at once to ensure that shooting doesn’t feel so dramatically different that you’ll have to relearn habits.”

Interestingly, this was hinted at by nitr0 a couple of days before on Twitter, who claimed that “Valorant is gonna be interesting when they nerf this running & shooting crap.”

While this hardly feels completely coincidental, it’ll be interesting to see if these changes are substantial enough to relieve some of the pressure that fans have been putting on the dev team.

Riot concluded their comment by reassuring players that they will “keep an eye on the change and will continue to adjust as necessary.”

Either way, this may be the end of the Phantom and Vandal’s dominant reign of terror. It would be nice to see some other weapons maybe come to the surface, but until patch 2.02 we’ll have to content ourselves with dodging sprays.

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