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Riot confirms fix for Valorant hit reg after “perfect storm of issues”

Published: 20/May/2020 3:29

by Andrew Amos


Valorant’s developers have confirmed a fix is on the way for the game’s hit registration problems, citing a “perfect storm of issues” as the cause.

Since the release of Patch 0.50, many Valorant players have noted inconsistencies with the game’s hit registration. In an FPS where shooting matters, this is a rather glaring issue that has a drastic effect on gameplay.

While it was first theorized to be an issue with movement accuracy changes in the patch, Riot have uncovered a “perfect storm of issues” that compounded into a major problem that they are looking to update.

Riot Games
A fix for Valorant’s hit registration issues is on the way.

In a May 19 tweet, Riot acknowledged that after reading player reports, the issue with hit registration was deeper than they once thought.


“We found and are fixing a number of issues that compounded this, with the biggest being an actual hit registration bug that impacts low FPS players harder,” they said.

The issue impacting low FPS players is a desync of in-game FPS, which leads to some bullets registering in different places than what the player sees ⁠— or not at all.

These weren’t the only problems though. “Mix this with movement inaccuracy changes and it being hard to tell between body/headshots with sparks…we hit a perfect storm of issues,” they added.

With the problems being much more extreme than initially anticipated, a fix might still be some time away.


Riot hasn’t given players a timeline for when to expect changes to hit registration. However, given how pressing of an issue it is, it’s likely Riot has all hands on deck to solve it.

The hit reg issues started appearing after Patch 0.50, which implemented a number of bug fixes as well as balance changes. However, the update hit the game’s performance, leading to more issues cropping up.

Riot has vowed to get these fixed as soon as possible, and we will let you know once those changes arrive.