Pro Valorant team shocks NA with accidental Duelist comp that somehow still worked

Jeremy Gan
Pro Valorant team shocks NA with accidental Duelist comp that somehow still workedAdela Sznajder/Riot Games

A Valorant Game Changers team has shocked NA with a dominant win at the GC Championship with an accidental four-duelist comp that somehow worked. 

If there is one region that breeds some of the weirdest Agent comps and players in Valorant, APAC is certainly the region. From Paper Rex’s unusual playstyle to a Raze Judge-only one-trick, APAC is certainly an odd region. 

As the Valorant Game Changers Championship kicks off its first day, it has given us a taste of what APAC’s GC representative, Team SMG, has to offer in oddity as they kicked off their first match against Evil Geniuses GC. 

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With one of the most bizarre comps ever played on an international LAN stage, they dominated. However, it was all by accident. 

Going into the first map of Lotus in Agent Select, Team SMG pulled out one of the weirdest comps pro Valorant has ever seen. 

A four-duelist comp consisting of Neon, Raze, Reyna, Phoenix, and Cypher. Yes, you read that right, no Controllers for smokes, and no Intiators for stuns, flashes, and info gathering. 

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Despite the comp definitely not being meta, Team SMG dominated EG on Lotus with some of the most aggressive playstyles we’ve come to love from the APAC region, constantly running them down. 

The map ended in a decisive 13-3, with EG only able to pick up three rounds in the first half. The second map of Haven also went into Team SMG’s favor, but this time with a sensible meta comp. 

Naturally in the post-match conferences and interviews, everybody asked Team SMG why they pulled out such an odd comp, only to reveal it was all by accident. 

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“To be honest, it was a wrong agent pick,” Team SMG’s enerii told the French VCT analysts. “We thought it was a rehearsal, and then we picked four duelists, and after we realized it was a mistake.”

She continued as the casters were left baffled, “It’s our mistake, so we have to follow through with it. We accepted it was our mistake and we just kept playing.”

Team SMG will play the reigning GC Champs, G2 Gozen, in their next Upper Semifinals match on November 29. 

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