Ludwig shuts down Moist Esports exit rumors after Shopify Valorant roster combination

Ludwig explains Moist x Shopify collabYouTube: Mogul Mail

Ludwig has shut down any rumors of a Moist Esports exit after the Moist x Shopify Valorant roster collaboration, explaining how the unique combination came together. 

On September 20, Shopify Rebellion announced they would be combining their Valorant rosters and Challengers slots with Moist Esports, creating Moist x Shopify. However, the name change confused a few fans.

Moist Esports’ Valorant team, Moist Moguls, was named that way after streaming megastar Ludwig joined the org, helping fund the team and naming it, in part, after his brand, Mogul. 

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But after the removal of ‘Mogul’ in the name on September 20, it left fans wondering if Ludwig was making an exit from the org, to which the content creator has now shut down any and all speculation.

Ludwig explained simply in a Mogul Mail on the collab, “F*** no. Absolutely the f*** not. I feel very much like this is my team, and if anything, the moment I saw this clip, I have been locked into Valorant for life.” He then showed off a 1v4 clutch by brawk which he co-streamed. 

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Ludwig shuts down Moist Esports exit rumors after Shopify Rebellion collaboration

As for the dropping of ‘Moguls’ in the name, Ludwig explained that he and Moist Esports were already considering dropping ‘Moguls’ from their branding because it caused some confusion.

“We were secretly talking about removing the Moguls this season anyway,” Ludwig explained. “If this deal didn’t happen, it wasn’t going to be the Moist Moguls anymore, it was just going to be Moist.” 

“The reality is that it’s confusing that there’s a Moist Moguls Valorant and Smash section and Moist for Rocket League and other FGCs. It should all be under one umbrella, that was the goal,” Ludwig said. 

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Ludwig also explained how the collaboration came to be, that after Moist’s Challengers season was finished after barely qualifying for Ascension, the players were free to join other teams as Moist knew they wouldn’t be able to compete with Tier one team’s salaries. 

However, a few of Moist’s and Shopify’s Valorant players came together to form a team, Lobster Fishers, to compete in monthly and weekly tournaments. The team performed well, which prompted Ludwig to approach Shopify to combine their rosters together. 

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Shopify’s collaboration with Moist Esports followed after the announcement that they have acquired TSM’s LCS slot

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