New Valorant update fixes gamebreaking issues on Icebox

Bill Cooney
Valorant Icebox update

The new Valorant map ‘Icebox’ has seen a number of fixes, with Riot trying to fine-tune and polish it up ahead of its big Ranked debut.

Icebox has been available in Unranked since it was added to the game on October 13, and with everyone trying to learn the map’s ins and outs before it hits the ladder, a number of bugs and exploits have naturally popped up, as well.

After just a couple of days, players found out it was possible to teleport around the map with Omen to areas that normally shouldn’t be accessible.

100 Thieves pro Valorant player Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin tested out the glitch himself live on stream and, after a little trial and error, was able to teleport around and through the map with the agent.

Obviously, this kind of glitch definitely shouldn’t be included with the map when it eventually makes it to Ranked, and on October 15 Riot announced they had fixed some of the biggest bugs with the area.

“Thanks for bearing with us while we fix the issues with Icebox,” the official Valorant account tweeted. “We’ve squashed most of the serious bugs, but there are a few (including an audio glitch) that the next patch will fix.”

It seems by “serious bugs” they were, in fact, referring to the Omen glitch, as players have reported it’s no longer available following the latest update – at least, it’s not happening as it was beforehand.

They did note that are still a few minor bugs floating around like audio issues, but random Omens teleporting around to off-limits areas of the map map and shooting you through the floor or ceiling should, thankfully, be a thing of the past.

Icebox is still only available in Unranked for now, and will be until devs feel they’ve ironed things out enough for it to be an even, competitive map. We don’t have an exact release date yet, but we’d keep our eyes out for it to come to ranked sometime during Act 3.