Leviatán announces the signing of 2023 Valorant World Champion C0M

Declan Mclaughlin
EG C0M on stage with his own Valorant settings in the computer.

Leviatán has announced the signing of Corbin ‘C0M’ Lee from Evil Geniuses as the fifth starting member on its Valorant team.

Leviatán has been rumored to be signing C0M for some time now as the Evil Geniuses 2023 World Championship-winning roster has exploded this off-season.

The Argentinian organization announced on January 9 that the player would join the team for its 2024 VCT Americas campaign. The Leviatán roster is already considered a stacked lineup with 2022 World Champions Erick ‘aspas’ Santos signing earlier this off-season and longtime IGL Francisco ‘kiNgg’ Aravena staying on for another season.

According to the Global Contract Database, this move leaves Evil Geniuses with one player in its starting squad, as the organization has yet to announce its Valorant roster for the 2024 season. The season starts with the Americas Kickoff tournament on February 16.

Leviatán bring in C0M for 2024 VCT season

This move is not without controversy, however, as Leviatán already had a five-man roster ready to go before bringing in C0M.

The organization announced on January 4 that it was benching Agustin ‘Nozwerr’ Ibarra after signing him during the off-season. The Leviatán players made sure to note on social media that the move was not initiated by them and that the organization moved Nozwerr to the bench.

C0M was a support player for Evil Geniuses and a key cog in their championship-winning machine. The team already has some incredible firepower with aspas and Ian ‘tex’ Botsch, so adding in a more supportive player, one that has won tournaments before, should be a big boon for the squad.

The North American player will join an international lineup that will presumably have to learn how to communicate effectively between its Spanish, English, and Portuguese-speaking players.

With this change, Leviatán’s roster now includes the following:

  • C0M
  • aspas
  • kiNgg
  • Ian ‘tex’ Botsch
  • Roberto ‘Mazino’ Bugueño