LA Guerrillas and Gladiators owners launching Valorant esports team

LA Gladiators Guerillas owner new Valorant teamLA Guerillas/LA Gladiators/Riot

The parent company of the LA Guerrillas and LA Gladiators is gearing up to launch a brand new Valorant esports team under their competitive banner in the near future.

Both the LA Guerrillas of the Call of Duty League and LA Gladiators of the Overwatch League are owned by parent company Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE), who also own the LA Rams NFL team.

Soon, they could be adding a professional Valorant team to their umbrella, as new job listings indicate.

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On October 8, the general manager of the LA Guerrillas, Alex Rubens, posted several new job listings at Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, including three focused on Valorant.

It seems the company is hiring a Valorant producer/editor, social media manager, and videographer – they currently don’t have a team competing in Riot’s hit shooter just yet.

But, social media managers and video editors don’t make an esports team, we need players for that. Even though they’re apparently bringing Valorant-minded individuals on board, it could be awhile before we know the exact makeup of the team.

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That being said though, there is one aspect of this yet unnamed team we can predict with actual evidence to back it up: their color.

YouTube: CODLeague
The Guerrillas are purple, the Gladiators are purple, can you guess what color the new Kroenke Valorant team might rock?

Both the Guerrillas and Gladiators, KSE’s current esports teams, both have purple as their primary color — it’s likely their new Valorant team might as well.

Team colors aside though, it will be very interesting to see who the team ends up signing, whenever they get around to that point. At just over a year old at the time of writing, Valorant esports is nowhere near done growing yet.

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