Insane true cost of Valorant’s Elderflame skins calculated

Andy Williams

A full breakdown of Valorant’s ‘Ultra-Edition’ Elderflame skin collection prices has revealed exactly how much it will set you back to fully upgrade the bundle.

Valorant’s cosmetics offer players unique ways to customize their Future Earth experience. Merely a month on from launch, Riot have already packed their flagship FPS full of goodies for players to enjoy.

While the Battle Pass offers some skins in exchange for grinding through each Chapter, there are also more ‘premium’ alternatives offered via the store — and Valorant’s first Ultra-Edition skin collection has been the hot topic of conversation since its release.

The Elderflame collection features a dragon-themed skin for the Vandal, Frenzy, Judge and Operator. But what sets this apart from the rest, is the dynamic effects produced by the ‘live’ weapon.

Elderflame Operator in Valorant.
Players hold a live dragon in their hand, which responds when shooting and reloading.

Since the Elderflame collection is much more versatile than other skins in the game, the price point also reflects that. Just for the base bundle, players will have to fork out around $100.

This price point has received some backlash from players. But that’s not where the story ends, as one savvy player has calculated the whopping cost of the fully upgraded iteration of skin collection.

According to ‘DerCarrot27,’ the Valorant Points and Radianite Points required to upgrade each skin within the collection would cost $292 (approximately £230 / €260) — discounting the potential Radianite Points earned from the Battle Pass.

This was matched with equal resentment of the price point, with one user responding: “Looks like Riot listened to the complaints about microtransactions and instead added macrotransactions.”

While another Redditor contested that they’re more inclined to buy one of the skins, as opposed to the whole bundle, due to the relative expense.

Of course, players don’t have to splash the cash on the bundle nor customize their skin, but given the turmoil caused as a result of Riot’s pricing strategy, players will certainly be hoping they reconsider before releasing their next Ultra-Edition collection.

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