How Valorant rejuvenated ScreaM from his CSGO crash

Ava Thompson-Powell
ScreaM Valorant thumbnail
With a shocking switch from CSGO to Valorant ScreaM, one of the most iconic competitive players, is making waves.

Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom is considered one of the most mechanically gifted Counter-Strike players to have graced the game. The ‘headshot machine’ had been one-tapping enemies in Valve’s servers for over a decade. So, why did the Belgian jump ship?

It’d be difficult to find a player out there that’s more synonymous with popping heads than that of ScreaM. A walking highlight reel of extreme precision and talent, he is one of the best. Since switching to Valorant, and not even half a year into the game’s lifecycle, this player has already joined one of EU’s top groups, Team Liquid.

Without a fully established competitive scene in Valorant, it’s curious as to why he made the switch. This is especially true, considering the fact that he was a top 10 leaderboard player in CS:GO. With GamerLegion benching the iconic player in 2020, he started streaming Valorant within its first few months of release, participating in the Twitch Rivals Tournament at launch.

As Valorant’s Reyna, ScreaM is able to continue headshotting to his heart’s content, having made the transition a smooth switch. It’ll be interesting to see whether ScreaM is able to reach the same heights on Future Earth as he did in CS:GO.