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Sentinels win $50k Valorant JBL Quantum Cup: Final placements

Published: 14/Dec/2020 4:36 Updated: 14/Dec/2020 10:03

by Alan Bernal


ESL hosted some of the best Valorant teams in North America in the JBL Quantum Cup. First Strike champs 100 Thieves, Ninja’s Time In, Cloud9, Sentinels, and more were all in attendance. Here’s how teams finished.

Valorant JBL Quantum Cup: Final placements

There aren’t many events in the pipeline between First Strike and Riot’s new Valorant Champions Tour (which starts in late-January). Even still, JBL and ESL pitted together some of North America’s finest for one last time in 2020. Here’s how the team finished at the close of play.

Placement Team Prize Money (USD)
1 Sentinels $25,000
2 FaZe Clan $15,000
3-4 100 Thieves $5,000
5-6 Envy $0
7-8 Time In $0
Cloud9 Blue

Valorant JBL Quantum Cup: Results

With $50,000 on the line, the JBL Quantum Cup was nothing to scoff at. Despite strong showings from 100 Thieves, Gen.G and FaZe Clan, Sentinels walked away with the lion’s share, after storming through the Playoffs on December 13. Here’s how each team managed head-to-head.


100 Thieves win Valorant First Strike NA
100 Thieves (Twitter)
First Strike victors, 100 Thieves, fell short to Sentinels in the semi-finals.

Group A

100 Thieves 13 – 0 Envy 1pm 4pm 9am
FaZe 13 – 15 Time In 2pm 5pm 10pm
Time In 2 – 13 Envy 3pm 6pm 11pm
100 Thieves 13 – 10 FaZe 4pm 7pm 12am
100 Thieves 13 – 7 Time In 5pm 8pm 1am
Envy 10 – 13 FaZe 5pm 8pm 1am

Group B

Gen.G 13 – 10 Sentinels 1pm 4pm 9am
TSM 13 – 9 Cloud9 2pm 5pm 10pm
TSM 1 – 13 Sentinels 3pm 6pm 11pm
Cloud9 6 – 13 Gen.G 4pm 7pm 12am
TSM 5 – 13 Gen.G 5pm 8pm 1am
Sentinels 13 – 3 Cloud9 5pm 8pm 1am

Ninja’s Time In shock FaZe, TSM & Envy flop

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins knows what it’s like to win, but when his band of pickups came up against the pro power of FaZe Clan, no one expected a result. Despite Corey ‘Corey’ Nigra and co’s best efforts, Time In edged out FaZe in overtime (15-13).

Both Envy and TSM failed to make it out of their groups, after losing their elimination match versus FaZe and Gen.G respectively.


Stage Match PT ET GMT
Semi-finals 100 Thieves 1-2 Sentinels 1pm 4pm 9am
Semi-finals Gen.G 0-2 FaZe 3:30pm 6:30pm 11:30pm
Grand Final Sentinels 2-0 FaZe 7pm 10pm 3am

Sentinels shine to edge out 100T & FaZe

It was the Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won show in Sentinels semi-final bout versus 100 Thieves. The former Overwatch League MVP clocked out with a series K/D/A of 63/49/28 to reassert his dominance after flopping out of First Strike.


The Grand Final clash against FaZe was a close one. Sentinels out-lasted FaZe 18-16 on Haven, to tee up tournament point on their map pick. Split was another close affair, but Sentinels closed it out in regulation (13-10). Shahzeeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan’s Jett proved to be the difference maker, as he chalked up a 238 ACS en route to claiming the $25,000 prize.