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Game-breaking Valorant bug lets players break Sage walls without firing a shot

Published: 24/Oct/2021 21:20

by Bill Cooney


A new bug has popped up in Valorant that allows players to break Sage’s wall without using any weapons. Until it gets fixed, it could make the ability next to useless.

Sage is one of the most useful agents in Valorant. Not only can she heal and revive teammates, but she can also block off and break up enemy teams with the wall made by her Barrier Orbs.

Normally the wall is fairly sturdy, only able to be broken down by gunfire. However, what looks like a new bug is allowing players to bust through by just walking.

Valorant Sage wall bug

Twitch streamer Lothar is the one we have to thank for bringing attention to the bug. As you can see in the clip above, simply by walking into the wall, Lothar is able to break through without firing a shot.


While it definitely seems like a game-breaking bug, according to the streamer it might not happen every time Sage puts up a wall.

“There’s a Sage Wall bug that you can exploit if you will be able to replicate,” Lothar tweeted. “I didn’t find yet a consistent way to do it. You can press into it and break a segment just by moving.”

As the streamer pointed out, it’s not entirely clear what causes the bug to happen in Valorant. Segments against the side of the map and out in the open on their own both break with walking in the clip.


Valorant sage artwork
Riot Games
Sage players might want to keep an eye out for this bug, until Riot announces a fix.

Even though it’s not a sure thing, this wall glitch could be a serious problem for Sage players in Valorant, and even teams that rely on her ability to break things up and block enemies off.

While the Barrier Orb was mentioned in Valorant Patch 3.08, this particular bug was not. At the time of writing we don’t even know if Riot is aware of it, but it definitely seems like one they’ll want to take a look at before too long.