Female Valorant pro Larischz dies at age 27

Larischz | Twitter

Larischz, a female Valorant player who most recently played for DELIRA, passed away in Pinamar, Argentina, while on vacation, with her cause of death not yet confirmed.

Valorant has a scene of female pro players like no other esport. The Valorant Game Changers is one of the world’s most famous female esports scenes and has brought women to the forefront of competitive gaming.

Lara ‘Larischz’ Gilardoni was a pro player who played for many different organizations in Brazil. Despite her best efforts, she missed qualification for the most recent Game Changers LAN event with DELIRA.

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It’s now been confirmed that she passed away on Friday, December 30, 2022, in Pinamar, Argentina, while on vacation.

Valorant pro player Larischz passes away at 27 years old

Larischz’s passing has been mourned by her friends, fellow competitors, and other figures in the Valorant scene. Those who competed against or alongside her praised her energetic and vibrant personality.

When she was making a big play on stage, Larischz’s energy was unmatched.

Even when the chips were down, and her team was behind, she managed to clutch rounds and did everything she could to bring her team back into the game.

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The tightly-knit community within Brazil’s Valorant Game Changers scene are beside themselves, with many of them posting pictures they’ve taken and videos they’ve recorded with Larischz during their time together.

Larischz hit the ground running with Valorant’s pro scene as she worked toward representing Brazil on the big stage.

She played with several different teams and teammates over her time as a Valorant pro, and she left her mark on the Game Changers scene despite only being a pro player for a year and a half.

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