Evil Geniuses acquire full Dignitas Game Changers Valorant roster

Carver Fisher
Evil Geniuses Game Changers roster

Evil Geniuses just signed Dignitas’ Game Changers roster, acquiring a team with a lot of potential for their second Valorant roster.

With Valorant’s rapidly growing and evolving competitive scene, strong teams are in high demand.

Evil Geniuses have bought out Dignitas’s female roster, and they’re looking to represent one of the best teams in Game Changers.

Evil Geniuses have chosen to sign one of the most experienced rosters in Valorant Game Changers, with many of these players having prior history as professional Counter-Strike players.

Evil Geniuses sign new Valorant roster: Who are these players?

Out of all those on this roster, Dignitas team captain Emmalee ‘EMUHLEET’ Garrido is especially of note. She had a long tenure as one of the best female players in CS:GO, and her swap to Valorant doesn’t seem to have diminished her leadership skills.

Joining her are Amanda ‘rain’ Smith, Melissa ‘Theia’ Mundorff, Juliana ‘showliana’ Maransaldi, and Stefanie ‘Stefanie’ Jones. They’ve all been playing together for over a year, giving them a wealth of experience playing together.

Additionally, Evil Geniuses will be retaining coach David ‘XP3’ Garrido, meaning that this buyout was made with the intention of keeping the full team together.

While on Dignitas, these players consistently placed top 3 at events and managed to cut through most of the competition. While not every finish has been first place, it’s fair to call this team one of the best Game Changers has to offer.

Buying teams rather than building them

Evil Geniuses buying out this Dignitas roster falls in line with a current trend in Valorant. Many organizations, whether they’re involved in Game Changers or other competitive Valorant circuits, have been dropping in and out of the game.

Organizations like Luminosity and DarkZero have dropped out of Valorant entirely as of now, and the scene itself is extremely competitive when it comes to organization real estate.

Fortunately, a good deal of these acquisitions seems to come with the roster rather than just the slot, ensuring that everyone on the team gets to keep competing. Whether or not the ongoing trend of full team buyouts will continue remains to be seen.

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