Evil Geniuses torn apart by fans as org announces its “Villain Era”

Declan Mclaughlin
Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses posted on social media announcing its new Valorant roster along with its jerseys around the slogan “Welcome to our Vilain Era” and fans are tearing the esports org apart over it.

Evil Geniuses has been rocked by controversy for years at this point. The organization has reportedly failed to adequately provide for one of its players, is in ongoing litigation over a contract dispute with a player, and kept its 2023 Valorant Champions-winning roster in contract jail.

The organization is also reportedly only still in Valorant esports because it could not sell its VCT Americas league slot to another entity, as it does not own the slot.

The Evil Geniuses’ social media accounts announced the org’s new Valorant jerseys and roster with a campaign centered around the slogan: “Welcome to our Vilain Era.” Fans have not taken kindly to the promo and have ripped the organization to shreds.

Evil Geniuses poked the bear on social media

The jersey and video invoke the history of the Evil Geniuses brand, with its incorporation date displayed prominently in the promo. Fans have taken that message and ran with it to slam the org for its alleged mistreatment of players, and its fans, over the years.

“Name one thing from 1999 that remains beyond the name. Quickly,” Cameron Davis, an esports caster and producer said in response to the video.

“Villain era has been going on since Peak6 bought you but ok,” one fan said.

Even some prominent esports figures have taken a stab at the organization.

“‘Villain Era’ is crazy when it has an expiration date,” Ryan Friend, Editor in Chief at Dust2.us said.

The post is also dotted with some positive comments, however, they are mostly from the Valorant players and coach who are featured in the video.

EG only fields a roster in Valorant at the moment and has reportedly been operating with a skeleton crew behind the scenes for over a year. Its partnership contract with Riot Games to compete in VCT Americas ends after the 2026 season, so barring its removal from the league, EG could be out of esports entirely in the next two years.

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