Evil Geniuses reportedly dropping CS2 teams and selling LCS slot

Declan Mclaughlin
EG LCSRobert Paul/Riot Games

Evil Geniuses are reportedly dropping their CS2 teams and are in the process of selling its LCS spot as the organization limps along following multiple layoffs.

Evil Geniuses is still chugging along as an esports company as the organization is running with a skeleton-crew staff, according to Dot Esports. The company announced its third round of layoffs last week and has since dropped its DOTA 2 team following its run at the 2023 edition of The International.

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The organization has seen multiple controversies following its acquisition by Peak6 Capital. The company reportedly was complicit in the abuse of one of its star League of Legends players, is reportedly holding its championship-winning Valorant team in contract jail, and has alienated itself from the Rocket League community.

Now, a new report from Richard Lewis details how the organization is set to drop its Counter-Strike 2 rosters and how it is well on its way to selling its franchise slot in the North American League of Legends league, the LCS.

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Evil Geniuses set to drop CS2 teams as it continues to bleed squads

The report claims that one source has said that Evil Geniuses is going to cut its men’s CS2 team after December, and will likely let go of its women’s teams before then.

The organization currently has three CS2 rosters, its main men’s roster, its academy team called EG Black and its women’s team called EG Gold. The organization also has a women’s Valorant squad that is set to play at the Game Changers Championship in November.

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Evil Geniuses with ESL ONE New York trophyBart Oerbekke for ESL
Evil Geniuses won ESL One New York 2019.

Evil Geniuses downsized from its four-team Counter-Strike experiment in April. The organization reentered into the esport in 2019 with the acquisition of the NRG Esports roster.

The report also says that EG is deep in the process of selling its LCS slot, with Enthusiast Gaming as the most likely buyer at the moment. Enthusiast owns the Luminosity Gaming brand and also operates the Vancouver Titans in the Overwatch League.

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