Disguised Toast ‘drops’ pro Valorant team after Game Changers loss in giant esports troll

Disguised Toast poses for a pictureInstagram: Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast just ‘dropped’ his entire Valorant Game Changers team after losing in open qualifiers in a massive troll on rival esports orgs. 

North American esports orgs have had a rough start to 2023. With brands such as 100 Thieves and The Guard laying off dozens of employees, and FaZe Clan in the midst of financial woes, it’s been a turbulent stretch for many companies.

Even when not considering the financial side of the business, NA Valorant has not had a win in a very long time. And with news such as Yay being dropped from Cloud9 right after VCT LOCK//IN, challengers players getting dropped to much backlash, and what commentators feel to be a disappointing start to the Americas League for NA, it’s been rough all around.

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So when Disguised Toast’s Game Changers team – one that is filled to the brim with a who’s who of female Valorant streamers – failed to qualify for the main event on April 5, he took it as an opportunity to throw some jabs at the competition. 

Tweeting out that the entire Game Changers team has been let go due to “role issues and financial hardships,” he openly took a page out of Cloud9’s book after dropping Yay. 

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“This is the esports scene baby. You fail to qualify, you get fired,” he said jokingly on Twitch shortly after. “You lose a LOCK//IN tournament, you get fired. I don’t make the rules, I learned this from watching other orgs.”

He even made a stray jab at xQc and the failed singing of Turtle Troops, saying, “you don’t make MSI, that contract I was gonna offer you? I’m pulling it, I’m ghosting you guys.”

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Of course, this is all in jest. In fact, the entire point of DSG’s Game Changers team was to build hype and attention for the scene, which they already succeeded in by smashing records. And as Sydeon has said, the four streamers most likely aren’t sticking around in the scene in the long run. 

Of course, all the players were in on the joke. With QuaterJade responding, “ I received $0 – is DSG ok??” None of the players were paid by the way, that was the deal in the making of the team. 

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And as Tanizhq, coach of Moist Moguls, pointed out, the “firing” is very fitting for the NA scene. “Public Twitter drama, fitting into the NA Valorant scene perfectly.”