Disguised Toast opens applications for new Valorant Game Changers squad

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Popular streamer and content creator Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has announced that he is reopening Disguised’s Game Changers division and called on NA-based Valorant players to apply.

Disguised has opened the application to female and marginalized-gender players as it is “looking to explore the possibility of entering the NA Game Changers scene in the future”, according to the application form posted by the team’s Twitter account.

Prior competitive experience is not necessary, according to Disguised, who added that players must be located in North America.

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As part of the application form, players will need to state their preferred roles, their rank in the Valorant Act, and whether they are open to the possibility of being an in-game leader.

Disguised could make Game Changers return

At the end of March, Disguised Toast’s esports venture signed an all-women’s Game Changers squad headlined by streamers Kyedae ‘Kyedae’ Shymko, Jodi ‘QuarterJade’ Lee, Sydney ‘Sydeon’ Parker, and Tenzin ‘TrulyTenzin’ Dolkar. The team did not make it through the open qualifiers, but the hype generated by the squad took Game Changers’ viewership to unprecedented heights.

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Shortly after the team’s elimination, Disguised ‘dropped’ the roster, ironically citing “role issues and financial hardships” in individual tweets for every player.

kyedae 100 thieves100 Thieves
Valorant streamer Kyedae was part of Disguised’s first Game Changers team

Disguised’s Twitter account said “see you in a few months” after the team’s Game Changers elimination, opening the door to a return to the space in the future. In responding to the backlash that his first team received, Disguised Toast admitted that the structure was not in place to assemble a team “responsibly” for Game Changers Series 1, which is why he went with “the content approach.”

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Last month, the OfflineTV member dropped a strong hint that he is considering entering other esports titles and called on the community to send him their suggestions.

The open qualifiers for Valorant Game Changers Series 2 are scheduled for July 13-16, with the main event starting on July 26.